One email put a 24-year old on a path from intern to COO in six months. Here’s the exact text he used.

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Three years ago, 25-year-old Raven Beria was an intern at Inpac Wealth Solutions, a wealth management firm in Hawaii. 

He liked the job, and he was good at it. Perhaps a bit too good, he recalls, because his boss only saw him for the work he did, not the work he was capable of doing. He was spending time on task-related work like event planning and concierge services, but he knew he could contribute in a more strategic capacity on company-wide initiatives like human resources and client experience. 

What would most interns in his position do? Probably put in their time until they could find a new gig, or perhaps meet with their manager to understand what a path to promotion might look like. 

But Raven took a bolder approach. 

Rather than thinking like an intern — or even an employee — he tried to think like a consultant: How could he be an essential partner to his boss, rather than someone who was merely assigned tasks to complete? 

“It finally occurred to me: ‘How do consultants improve other businesses?'” he explains. He picked up “The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients: 6 Steps to Unlimited Clients & Financial Freedom,” by David Fields, the book he considers game-changing. “I learned about the process of communicating the vision back to the CEO, using indicators of success, uncovering challenges, and creating a plan of action.”

Inspired by the exercises in the book, Raven drafted a proposal on how he’d help the company grow, added an executive summary, and sent it to the head of the firm.

The result?

Well, it was the email that changed his life.

That proposal led to a meeting with his boss to discuss the future of the company. “He asked me a lot of questions on how I would go about accomplishing some of those ideas,” he recalls. “This was well beyond our normal conversations before, which was, ‘Here’s what we’re going to do next.’ Instead, it was more collaborative, and he seemed so genuinely curious to know my thoughts.”

Ultimately, Raven was promoted from intern to Operations Manager, then six months later COO. Best of all, the move gave him a new perspective on how he’ll approach work for the rest of his life. “Instead of seeing myself as an employee or even as an executive, I now view the company I work for as if it’s my client, and I’m the consultant,” he says. He’s also used this experience to launch his own branding firm, Brandalaxy. 

We’ll get to the email in a minute, but first: why did it work so well?

1. Ask not what your boss can do for you, but what you can do for your boss

Raven focused not on what he wanted, but what his manager needed. Instead of asking for a promotion or new job right away, he talked about his boss’ vision and how he could help accomplish it. “He felt relieved to know that someone can analyze the little details of his big picture, so …read more

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