One Day star wanted to quit while in the middle of filming Netflix drama

Ambika Mod, Leo Woodall in One Day

One Day actress Ambika Mod has revealed there were times she was close to quitting (Picture: Netflix)

One Day star Ambika Mod has revealed there were times she felt as though she was a ‘f**king s**t actor’ and wanted to quit on the spot after filming some scenes.

The actress, 28, stars opposite Leo Woodall in the Netflix series, based on the 2009 novel of the same name.

Leo, 27, and This Is Going To Hurt actress Ambika play Dexter and Emma, respectively, whose relationship is depicted across a 20-year period, which viewers only get to see on one day of the year, July 15.

We see the characters’ heartbreaks and struggles on screen, as well as moments that have left us sobbing.

But at points, they were struggling in real life too, with Ambika revealing she felt that she should quit, but thankfully had Leo’s support when she would share how she was feeling.

Speaking on the Reign with Josh Smith podcast, the award-winning actress explained that ‘cheeky and charming’ Leo helped her through

She said: ‘I met Leo at the chemistry reads and he was the second Dexter I read with. He is so cheeky and charming.

Ambika stars opposite Leo Woodall in the heartbreaking Netflix drama (Picture: Netflix/AP)

‘He was so open and warm just immediately and it felt really easy, the scenes felt really playful and I think that’s really rare.

‘That was really half the battle because I think if that had been cast wrong, it would have been so much harder.

‘You just can’t fake that stuff and I’m really grateful to have had an actor like Leo.

‘We were both going through a very, very similar thing. This was so much bigger than anything either of us had ever done before and I think we both felt really similarly about the undertaking.’

She went on to say that at the beginning, filming felt ‘overwhelming’ and ‘a massive responsibility’, not just because of their roles but because they wanted to do justice to the ‘beloved’ characters from the book.

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‘We were both really open when we were struggling,’ Ambika shared (Picture: Netflix)

‘We were both really open when we were struggling, when we didn’t feel like things were right,’ she said.

‘I remember just like, maybe I was more vocal about it than him, but I would come out of every scene just being like, “oh, I’m a f**king sh*t actor, I should f**king quit right now, I hate myself.”

‘And he was always very supportive to me in that, and I hope vice versa. It was good to have someone like that because as an actor you might not always have that.’

Ambika elsewhere spoke about how she’s struggled to feel comfortable in her own school, recalling how ‘tough’ it was at school and how she felt as though she had to be the ‘funniest, smartest, hardest person, hardest working …read more

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