Nigel Farage’s bizarre 60th birthday bash featured Truss, Trump and Jim Davidson

Nigel Farage and a man in a Donald Trump mask, and Donald Trump on a large TV.

Donald Trump turned up on TV and as a mask – but not in person (Picture: Steve Finn)

Nigel Farage has just turned 60, and the arch-Brexiteer marked his big birthday with a wild bash in the centre of London last night.

Hang on – I hear you ask – Nigel Farage just turned 60? Does that mean Nigel Farage is younger than Tom Cruise, Nigella Lawson and Jarvis Cocker?

The answer is yes, he’s younger than all those people. Michelle Obama too.

But age is just a number, as the ex-Ukip leader proved yesterday at fancy Canary Wharf venue Boisdale.

Appropriately, there were appearances from some of the leading luminaries of modern political success: former PM Liz Truss, for example, and former US president Donald Trump.

The Donald didn’t manage to turn up personally, but did make sure to send in his best wishes via a video message that was typically Trumpian in its subtlety and restraint.

‘You’re an historic figure as a prophetic leader and I know the people of the UK are grateful for your patriotism and service,’ he said, according to the Mail Online.

‘You’re not done yet and hopefully the best is yet to come.

‘So Nigel, enjoy this day and congratulations on a truly remarkable 60 years on Earth – your achievements have been incredible. Happy birthday!’

Nigel Farage either delivering a speech, doing an impression, or beatboxing at his birthday party (Picture: Steve Finn Photography)

Ms Truss, who recently gained attention for posing with a lamb outside a derelict church on Easter Sunday, was not the only Tory MP to turn up to the big do.

Dame Andrea Jenkyns shared a picture from the night on her X account, while her fellow Eurosceptics Andrew Rosindell and Mark Francois also joined.

A pleasure to be invited to @Nigel_Farage’s 60th birthday bash — a true patriot, conservative to the core, and, like him or loathe him, one of the most influential politicians of our generation. Cheers! 🇬🇧🎉

— Andrea Jenkyns MP 🇬🇧 (@andreajenkyns) April 3, 2024

Mr Farage may be the honorary president of Reform UK, the party predicted to be a significant thorn in the Conservatives’ side at the next election, but clearly there are no hard feelings in a certain wing of the party.

Lee Anderson, who defected from the Tories to become Reform UK’s first and only MP last month, was also among the revellers.

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