My puppy instantly loved the Casper dog bed — it’s a comfortable memory foam bed that withstands digging

Casper Dog Bed

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While all dog beds might seem the same, Casper put a lot of research into the design of their memory foam dog bed, and it definitely shows.
I got one of the beds when I brought home my new puppy, and he instantly loved it.
Update: This review was originally published in October 2018. Almost two years later, Murray is still sleeping on his Casper dog bed. It’s held up well, even withstanding his penchant for digging. Murray now weighs 18 pounds, and the small bed is still a comfortable size for him.

Casper, the online startup that makes one of our favorite to-order mattresses, plus sheets, and even pillows, wants to help your best friend get a good night’s sleep.

In addition to human beds and nap-sized pillows, Casper makes a dog bed, so that your furry companion can get as comfortable as you.

I recently got the small dog bed for my new puppy, Murray, and he’s been absolutely in love with it.

Obviously dogs aren’t quite as concerned with aesthetics as their human companions, but Casper worked to make the dog bed as sharp-looking as the rest of their furniture, like their nightstand and the stylish platform bed. It fits in well in the living room, and we get a ton of comments on it when friends come over — the Casper logo and look are pretty recognizable, and the bed definitely stands out.

I’ll admit to being a cynic when I was first invited to test out the Casper Dog Bed. My dog growing up was never crazy about beds. At least, he wasn’t big on sleeping on them — he loved trying to tear them to shreds. We tried a couple of flimsy beds from the pet store and it just never worked.

Murray’s in love with this bed though, starting with the day we brought him home. We’re crate training him, so he spends the night sleeping in his crate, but as he naps throughout the day, or settles down to chew on a bone, he always hops on the bed, first.

While all dog beds might seem the same — just fabric and padding — Casper actually put a significant amount of research into the product, including hundreds of hours of laboratory testing and even dog sleep studies.

After more than 100 prototypes, Casper landed on a hybrid foam design, incorporating both memory foam and durable support foam to make a comfortable, yet sturdy, sleeping surface.

We ordered the small, since Murray …read more

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