My husband and I are both full-time freelancers who work from home. This is how we handle the challenges.

Shannon Page

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Shannon Page and her husband are both full-time freelancers.
Page dreamed of full-time self-employment for years. In 2009, she was finally in a position where she was able to achieve it, and she hasn’t looked back. 
She’s found that freelancing has its challenges: There’s no separation between home and work, and taking time off isn’t something she knows how to do anymore. 
But, despite the complex finances and challenges, she would never go back to a day job. She loves having time of her own.
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For decades, I dreamed of working at home. The freedom! The luxury of being my own boss, of setting my own schedule! The sound of the all-too-early morning alarm was the worst part of my day.

Well, the alarm and my lengthy commute.

Well, the alarm, my lengthy commute, and the rigidity. In my final day job, there wasn’t enough work for me to do — but I still had to be there every day, trying to look busy. If only I could be free of all that!

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The reality

In 2009, I got my wish. I had a little financial cushion, enough to quit my job and set out on my own. It took a few years to grow my client list into reliable full-time work; now that cushion is gone, but my roster is full.

I met my husband around then, and we married a few years later. During that time, he too transitioned from a day job to freelance work.

I’m a copy editor; he is a commercial illustrator. In addition, we do our own creative work — art and writing.

The finances are … interesting. We hand the “top earner” baton back and forth. For a year and a half, he had a hugely demanding yet nicely lucrative gig. Now, we’ve made the decision for him not to seek paying work for a year or two, so he can bring a big creative project to fruition — and also cook the bacon that I bring home. And all the other meals, too, plus the lion’s share of running the household.

The challenges

I mentioned the finances: That’s a big one for us. We’re still trying to figure out how to manage the new federal tax bill; we got slammed at tax time last year, despite having made quarterly estimated payments. We’re making much larger payments this year, and we also formed an S corporation. We’re hoping that will help … we’ll see.

One early challenge was work space. When I started freelancing, I lived alone, working at the dining room table. Once my husband moved in, that didn’t really work anymore. I need uninterrupted silence to do my job, and the dining room was right in the middle of the house. Fortunately, not long afterward, he got that year-and-a-half-long gig; income from that allowed …read more

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