Mum ridiculed for list of ‘unemployable’ baby names

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One mum was certainly thinking outside the box when it came to picking baby names (Picture: Getty)

Who doesn’t want a unique and meaningful name that stands the test of time? Some monikers, perhaps, are a bit too unique though…

One mum wanted to give her unborn baby a name that reflected the type of life she wanted the child to have.

Inspired by powerful concepts, the soon-to-be-parent picked some rather unusual terms and gave them her own unique spelling.

The potential names included Ayeai (AI), Seaeoh (CEO), and Urf (earth), as well as Stamp and Biotic.

She then shared the suggestions on a family group chat and everyone left her on read.

One of her cousins in the group then shared the list on Reddit name-shaming group Tragedeigh.

The cousin explained the reasoning behind each of them and said the mum is convinced that in the future standard names will fall out of favour, with rarer ones becoming the norm.

She suggested Urf, as in Earth, or Seaeoh for CEO or Ayeai for AI (Picture: Getty)

The cousin wrote on the group: ‘My cousin wants a unique name for her future daughter. Mission accomplished!’

The suggested names and their meanings

‘Urf (Earth…because no matter where the child lives in life, it will always be on Earth. Can’t fault the logic on that one – Elon Musk might take umbrage though)
‘Seaeoh (CEO. Apparently names dictate destiny and this name will cosmically transform the child into a successful business magnate)
‘Stamp (She was in a long distance relationship with the father for a while and they used to send each other letters with…stamps. Sounds like what a caveman character in a film would be called)
Biotic (Connected to antibiotic. This will protect the child from disease.
Ayeai (AI. In the future AI will take over and if it turns nasty it will go easy on her kid because they share a name).’

As expected, people on the subreddit slammed the suggestions, though some people did say a few of the names were salvageable.

One person, @toenailchewing, quipped: ‘Unemployable might work as a middle name with those.’

@Orgonohairylegs wrote: ‘If I were the kid and got to pick out of those five beauts, I’d go for Ayeai. I’d just tell people it’s a name from some country nobody ever heard about.’

It’s a tough job, picking names (Picture: Getty)

Another pointed out that the inspirations behind the names weren’t terrible but that there were better names that fit those descriptions.

@Wrong_cup_3860 wrote: ‘The joke is that there are so many real names which would fit the description/reason she choose these insane names!

‘Just to name the very first ones on the top of my head: Instead of Urf – Gaia, Greek Goddess of Earth.

‘For Seaoh – well, if I had to wish something for my kid I would personally stay more on the line of Serena or Felicity, but if she wants to wish them a powerful position, how about Regina (meaning Queen)?

‘Instead of Stamp, Hermione, female form of Hermes – the messenger of Greek Gods.

‘And instead of Biotic, Eloise, …read more

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