MrBeast is not dead – he says so himself

youtuber mrbeast in fortnite

At least he seems to find it funny (pic: Epic Games)

A random tweet claiming MrBeast died has amassed well over 100,000 likes, but it’s not true.

We’ve never understood what people get out of spreading fake rumours of a celebrity’s death but such hoaxes can spread worryingly fast online, even if they’re obviously untrue.

It happened with Simon Cowell not too long ago and, in November, many genuinely believed American host Jimmy Fallon had died due to a trending hashtag.

Now it’s happened to YouTuber, philanthropist, and Fortnite skin Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, after a random tweet claiming he had died went viral – despite MrBeast being alive and well.

The motivations behind it are completely unknown, with Twitter user duck just posting a black and white photo of MrBeast with the caption, ‘I can’t believe MrBeast died… gone too soon man.. you’ll never be forgotten you legend.’

Since then, the tweet has been viewed over 13 million times, with over 160,000 likes and nearly 6,500 retweets.

I cant believe mrbeast died… gone too soon man.. you’ll never be forgotten you legend ❤️

— duck (@ExtremeBlitz__) March 15, 2023

Judging by a quick glance through the replies, though, it seems most people were immediately sceptical, either calling it out as fake or joining in on the joke. Although there were a handful that took it at face value and wrote messages of condolence.

RIP. 😢 Jimmy will be missed. 💕

— zooMolga (@zooMolga) March 16, 2023

I can’t believe April Fools came early 😯

— TEN (@TenLetters100) March 15, 2023

Not cool man, this is not funny at all.

— DTEV (@DTEV111) March 16, 2023

MrBeast himself seems to find it amusing, with his reply asking, ‘Why does this have 100,000 likes? Lol’

Hopefully, those likes were fans’ way of expressing sympathy and sadness and not people actually glad to hear of his demise.

The source of the hoax followed up by saying ‘Bro came back to life just to reply to my tweet,’ before offering to delete the post if MrBeast pays him $10,000.

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Considering it’s still up at the time of writing, MrBeast presumably hasn’t done that, no doubt because he doesn’t want other people constantly doing the same thing.

Given how much MrBeast is worth, if he was genuinely bothered with the tweet we’re sure he could afford lawyers that would force duck to take the post down.

bro came back to life just to reply to my tweet 😭💀 (ill delete it if you send me $10000)

— duck (@ExtremeBlitz__) March 16, 2023

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