Money-saving hacks – from ditching the phone to a spot of vodka for your flowers

Read on for clever ways to save cash

Read on for clever ways to save cash (Pictures: Alamy)

Spring is tantalisingly close, but that doesn’t mean the cost of living crisis will magically disappear, even if we can switch off the heating.

Many of us are still looking for ways to tighten the purse strings, and once again our Bargain Hunter has dug out some genius hacks to help save money whether you’re home or away.

Think a cheap hack for keeping your flowers healthy, or how to secure the best deal on travel tickets.

Plus, if the shoe fits, a nifty trick to save up to £100 on a pair of Doc Martens.

Stop drips

Paint always seems to build up in 
the lid groove on the can during 
a painting job.

This often causes paint to run 
down the side of the can, and 
can lead to waste.

Eliminate this problem by punching several holes in the lid groove with 
a nail. This allows the paint to 
drain back into the can.

These holes in no way affect 
the resealing of the can 
because the lid seals by pressure on the sides of the groove 
rather than on the bottom.

A hanging closet organiser isn’t just for clothes (Picture: Alamy)

Get the hang of storing games

If you don’t have extra shelves in your place to store family board games, there is a cheap way to make your own – and it doesn’t involve tools.

A hanging closet organiser gives you instant shelves in any closet and lets you stack board games off the floor and all in one place. Pick one up at Ikea or a pound store, or repurpose one you may have lying around the house.

Avoid the phone, earn discounts

According to an LSE study, students who didn’t use their smartphones at school had a 
6.4 per cent increase in their test scores.

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