Miguel Angel Martinez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Miguel Angel Martinez is a man who was sentenced to death for his role in a “satanic murder” in 1991.

Martinez’s story is featured on the Netflix series ‘I Am a Killer,’ which chronicles the experiences and stories of people convicted of capital murder. His story is featured in the fourth episode, “Sympathy for the Devil.”

Miguel Angel Martinez was the youngest person to be sentenced to death in Texas history, at the time of his sentencing. In 2002, his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Martinez & Two Others Were All Implicated in a Triple Axe-And-Knife Murder

Netflix series “I Am A Killer” features the story of Miguel Angel Martinez, Miguel Venegas and Milo Flores, who took part in a triple ax murder in 1991 in Laredo.

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Martinez, Manuel “Milo” Flores, and Miguel Angel Venegas were all implicated in the “satanic murder” that was committed in the small town of Laredo, Texas, which left three people dead from a gruesome murder.

However, they were given very different sentences. Flores was freed from any punishment, as he never entered the house; Venegas was initially given 41 years of prison on three counts of murder (he was 16 years old at the time of the murder, so his case bounced around for a while as the court decided whether to try him as a juvenile or an adult; he was eventually tried as an adult), and Martinez was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death.

2. Martinez Said He Met Venegas ‘In Class,’ & They Later Met Flores at a Party

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Martinez said to Netflix, “Venegas was sixteen at the time, and Fores was seventeen and I was seventeen…Milo [was wealthy] and had the means to get drugs. That was what joined us: smoking marijuana and doing cocaine.”

Martinez continued, “[Venegas] was not someone I necessarily enjoyed having around.” Of the night of the murder, Martinez said, “I can’t say that there was a reason…or an intention in going to this particular house. Milo and I had been there before a couple of times [to steal things in exchange for drugs.]”

3. Martinez Had Been Given Keys to the House of James Smiley, One of the Victims

James Smiley was a youth baptist counselor who Martinez claims took an interest in him, even offering keys to his house. “I think it can be considered him seeing somebody that needed a father, or somebody that was disadvantaged, and trying to help,” Martinez said.

“I actually stayed with him at night [a few times], and going to work the next morning, he was my ride,” Martinez said. “We decided to go to that house. It was supposed to be what we had done before. Nobody home, go in and take something.”

They had a baseball bat, an axe, and …read more

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