Metroid Dread developer working on new 2D Metroid claims source

Metroid Dread Samus

Metroid Dread – a follow-up would be very welcome (pic: Nintendo)

The same person that leaked the existence of Metroid Dread claims that developer MercurySteam is working on a follow-up.

This week saw the fourth anniversary of the moment when development on Metroid Prime 4 was stopped and restarted completely from scratch. That hardly ever happens, at least not in public, and given a good quality game generally takes at least five years to make it’s not too surprising we haven’t see anything of it yet.

Given how long it’s been, it’s reasonable to hope that Nintendo might reveal something this year (unless they’re holding it back for the rumoured Switch 2 console) but in the meantime there’s a new rumour that they, or rather Spanish developer MercurySteam, is working on a new 2D Metroid.

However, the suggestion is that the new game won’t be released until 2025, by which point you really would assume that Nintendo will have released a new console.

2021’s Metroid Dread was characterised as the final part of the current series’ narrative but that never meant there wouldn’t be new games, just that there’d be a new plot arc for them.

The rumour doesn’t offer any other information beyond the fact that the game is 2D, but that does make the timing with Metroid Prime 4 seem odd, as you’d also expect it to be released round about 2025.

What connection the two games might have is unclear but the problem with the rumour is that MercurySteam’s next project is supposed to be a multiformat title for 505 Games, codenamed Project Iron, which hasn’t been seen in public yet and has no release date, i.e. it’s nowhere near done.

MerucySteam isn’t a small developer, with around 160 staff, but it’s not clear that they’re quite big enough to have two major projects going on at the same time.

In that respect the rumour seems unlikely and yet Spanish insider NWeedle was 100% right about Metroid Dread and clearly has contacts at MercurySteam.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s right about a new game but either way, we’ll hopefully get some new official news about the Metroid franchise in the coming months.

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