Meet the contestants on Rise and Fall: From semi-professional footballer to GB News regular and Four Rooms expert

Sydney, Matt, Connor, Sophie, Prince, Joanna, Jefrey, Ramona, Cheryl, Edmund, Rishika, Jack, Ali, Rachel, Marina, James on Rise and Fall

A gripping new gameshow is hitting our screens in a matter of hours, produced by the team behind The Traitors and fronted by Greg James.

Rise and Fall sees 16 contestants from all backgrounds starting off as equals, but soon finding themselves in positions of power as Rulers or as part of the powerless, the Grafters.

While those in charge live in a lavish penthouse, their workers must survive in basic conditions in the basement, but anyone can rise and anyone can fall.

Although the Grafters are trying to increase the prize pot, it will be one Ruler who walks away with all the money at the end, and who changes status will all be down to the other players.

Hooked already? So are we, and here’s everything you need to know about the contestants taking part.

Who will make it to the end? (Picture: Channel 4)


Will Ali be a Grafter or a Ruler? (Picture: Channel 4)

Age: 45

From: Essex

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Ali, whose Essex restaurants have become celebrity hot spots, thinks Donald Trump is a great leader. Why? ‘Because he’s a don’t-take-no-c**p kind of guy.’


Will Cheryl walk away with all the prize money? (Picture: Channel 4)

Age: 40

From: Liverpool

Occupation: Trainee nurse

Now a mature student, Cheryl used to work as a support worker, working with both adults and children.


Connor is bringing the ‘charm and sass’ (Picture: Channel 4)

Age: 27

From: Kent

Occupation: Care home manager

With his ‘charm and sass’, Connor is ready to ‘sniff out the weaker ones, the fake ones, all the manipulators and I think I’ll be able to sniff out the worst ones’.


Will Edmund be a grafter or a ruler? (Picture: Channel 4)

Age: 27

From: Devon

Occupation: Account manager

Edmund comes from one of Britain’s oldest aristocratic families, but isn’t scared to ‘muck in and do the hard graft’.


Jack is a builder and semi-pro footballer (Picture: Channel 4)

Age: 28

From: Hertfordshire

Occupation: Builder

Semi-pro footballer Jack would take his mum on a luxury holiday if he walked off the prize fund.


James is an employment coach from South Wales (Picture: Channel 4)

Age: 26

From: Newport, South Wales

Occupation: Employment coach

According to James, Beyonce is ‘an amazing leader’. ‘She has so many
achievements. She’s a trailblazer. She’s led herself, women, men and the queer community to feel themselves, to be their best selves and to release their wiggle.’

We couldn’t agree more!


Jeff stars as an expert in Channel 4’s Four Rooms (Picture: Channel 4)

Age: 69

From: London

Occupation: Entrepreneur

East End boy Jeff began working at Sotheby’s in the 1970s before setting up his art dealership.

He’s best known for his role as an expert in Channel 4’s Four Rooms.


Will Joanna be a Ruler or a Grafter? (Picture: Channel 4)

Age: 50

From: Suffolk

Occupation: Interior designer

Joanna swapped her interior design work for a big adventure in Greece when the pandemic hit.


Marina is following her dream to be an actor, whilst also working as a …read more

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