McDonald’s fans upset over ‘phenomenal’ frappe being axed — but the replacement is ‘epic’

Mcdonald's Biscoff McFlurry and a new replacement drink

McDonald’s is axing a fan-favourite drink, and replacing it with an ‘epic’ new one. (Picture: McDonald’s)

If you’re a fan of the Biscoff Frappe at McDonald’s, you might want to run on down and enjoy it while you still can, as it’s getting the boot very soon.

The popular drink, which has been hailed as ‘phenomenal’ by those who’ve tried it, is going to be leaving the menu on June 26, as it’s replaced by a brand new summer beverage.

Maccies has just announced that the Oreo Frappe is finally making its way over to the UK and Ireland, after proving a hit over in the US.

The icy drink has a vanilla flavour base, which is blended with ice and Oreo pieces and topped with cream and more Oreo pieces. Yum!

The sweet treat will set you back £3.09 for a regular and £3.39 for a large, and will be available from June 26 to September 3. 

The fast food giants are launchind a new Oreo Frappe (Picture: McDonald’s)

The fast food giants claim the Oreo Frappe is ‘epic’ and have suggested it could end up being even more popular than the Biscoff version, but some customers aren’t convinced just yet.

Following the announcement, @chris_canney on Instagram proclaimed: ‘That’s a disaster, the Biscoff Frappe is phenomenal.’

And @pamperbutterfly agreed, saying: ‘Oh no. I love the Biscoff one.’ While @nic_evans7 said: ‘Biscoff one is elite.’

But others were more excited to try the new flavour, with @emma_louisep sharing she thought Oreo would be ‘way better than Biscoff’. 

@nikkymaeclark_ was also excited to try it, posting: ‘Oreo looks so good!’

The drink has become a firm fan-favourite over in the States, with social media users hailing it ‘delicious’, an ‘11/10’ and a ‘game-changer’. 

Will you miss the Biscoff Frappe or are you excited to try the Oreo version?Comment Now

The new Frappe will be joining the current summer menu, which recently launched in restaurants nationwide.

It features a brand new triple burger, known as the Hat Trick, as well as chicken sharing boxes, mozzarella bites with a tomato dip, a Skittles McFlurry, Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie, Galaxy Caramel McFlurry, and the iced latte is also back. 

If this weren’t enough, a number of the chain’s classic dips have been given a makeover, with a new and improved recipe — including the Garlic Mayo, and the Sweet and Smoky BBQ. Both are being added permanently to the menu alongside Sweet Chilli as the perfect chicken companion.

And the chain is also currently running an exciting summer promotion known as Surprize Fries, giving customers the chance to win £200 just by ordering fries.

McDonald’s Surprize Fries prizes:

Available via Instant Win and App Win

£100 cash

£50 cash

£20 cash

£10 cash

£5 cash

Sausage & Egg McMuffin

Hash Brown


Big Mac

6 Chicken McNuggets



Fruit Bag


Apple Pie

Sugar Doughnut

Any Regular McCafe Hot Drink

Medium Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Medium Milkshake

Available via App Win Only

£200 cash

McDonald’s Fries Socks

McDonald’s Fries Bucket Hat

McDonald’s Fries Pool Float

McDonald’s Fries Carton Holder

Double MyMcDonald’s Rewards Points on next visit

1,500 …read more

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