McDonald’s confirms fate of ‘next level’ burger in UK after it’s axed from US menu

McDonald's Debuts A McPlant Burger In Limited Markets

The burger has just been axed from US menus… (Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The menu at McDonald’s changes every few weeks, and saying goodbye to some of our favourite items is never easy.

But there are a number of core staples that always stay the same, like the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder, McNuggets, and the McPlant.

However, fans of the fast food chain might have been concerned for the fate of the latter of late, after the popular vegan burger was axed in the US.

The McPlant was trialled in America in November 2021, in places such as Texas, Iowa, California, and Louisiana. According to Maccies US president Joe Erlinger, it was initially successful, selling around 500 burgers per week.

However, Joe told QSR Magazine that when they expanded the trial to Dallas and San Francisco in 2022, this number dropped to just 20 per day, and as low as three to five in rural areas.

The McPlant hasn’t been a hit in America. (Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

With sales being so low, the chain has decided to stop offering the vegan option across the States, instead planning to focus on chicken, which is one of their better performing meats.  

This left many fans in the UK wondering if the burger, which was co-developed with Beyond Meat, is going to be given the boot here as well.

But fear not McPlant fans, your fave isn’t going anywhere.

McDonald’s confirmed to that the changes to the menu in the US won’t impact the menu here, so the McPlant is here to stay.

The vegan burger has been a hit with British customers, so much so that a Double McPlant was released here in December 2022.

Fans online have hailed it the chain’s ‘best’ burger, ‘banging’, ‘next level’, and a ‘game-changer’, with one post on Reddit saying: ‘McPlant is amazing 10/10 recommended! It’s so good and actually filled me up!’

Another wrote: ‘I liked it. Texture is the best I’ve had from a veggie burger and with the sauces etc you can’t taste any difference to the meat one.’

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This comes after revealed a little-known secret about McDonald’s Big Macs.

Did you know that the Big Macs in the UK are actually a little different here than in countries such as the US or Australia?

Yes, according to Thomas O’Neill, the head of menu at McDonald’s UK & Ireland, there are slight differences in the recipe in the UK. 

He said: ‘There are some nuances around our recipe changes that are different to elsewhere, so, for example, [we] use a different amount of Big Mac Sauce in the UK, which we always have done.’

Big Macs in the UK have subtle differences to ones in the US and Australia. (Picture: Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images)

And this isn’t the only difference die-hard Big Mac fans might spot between the burgers.

‘Fundamentally the idea is that every Big Mac should taste the same wherever you go,’ says Thomas. …read more

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