Map shows how London voted in the General Election and became a sea of red

Sir Keir Starmer celebrated a resounding victory both nationally and in London (Picture: Tallis, AFP via Getty Images)

Sir Keir Starmer celebrated a resounding victory both nationally and in London (Picture: Tallis, AFP via Getty Images)

The General Election results in London were at the heartbeat of Labour’s resounding victory.

Out of 73 seats up for grabs in the capital, Keir Starmer’s party swept up the vast majority of them – 80% in-fact – winning a total of 59, which is nine more than in 2019 (51).

In a major blow to the now-outgoing Conservative leader Rishi Sunak, the Tories only secured seven seats – losing 11 of the 18 they won in the last election.

It was a decent result for the Liberal Democrats, who held all three seats they won five years ago and also gained three more from the Conservatives.

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Eight of the nine seats Labour gained were from the Tories, with the other coming via a new constituency in Croydon East.

The only London loss for Labour came at the hands of a familiar face in Jeremy Corbyn who, perhaps unsurprisingly, came out on top in Islington North in a constituency where he’s been the MP for 41 years since 1983.

He was running as an independent candidate for the first time after he was effectively booted out of the Labour Party by Keir Starmer in March 2023.

London’s electoral map is mainly a sea of red after the 2024 General Election (Picture: Metro Graphics)

After Labour pulled off a near whitewash – or should we say redwash – in London, this map shows how the electoral makeup now looks in the UK’s biggest city.

Central London is a sea of red with the Lib Dems enjoying success in the west and south west.

Meanwhile, the Tories had to settle for the consolation of a few seats on the outskirts. 

And here is a rundown of some of the key numbers from the political changes in London, including the gains and losses.

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Rishi Sunak is no longer the British prime minister and was seen leaving Downing Street with his wife Akshata Murty earlier today (Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire)

Key numbers for London in the General Election 

Labour gains nine seats, winning 59 in total 

Labour gains eight of those nine seats from the Conservatives

The Conservatives lose 11 seats, leaving them with just seven

Liberal Democrats gain three seats, all from the Tories

Liberal Democrats also hold three seats, giving them a total of six in London

Jeremy Corbyn wins Islington North as an Independent – the only seat not held by one of the main three parties

Jeremy Corbyn won the Islington North seat, meaning …read more

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