Man’s colon falls out of his body after he coughs and sneezes at the same time

The man sneezing and coughing at the same time opened up a surgery wound (Picture: Getty Images)

The man sneezing and coughing at the same time opened up a surgery wound (Picture: Getty Images)

A man coughed and sneezed at the same time causing his colon to fall out of his body as he sat having breakfast at a US diner.

The 63-year-old, who was with his wife at the Florida restaurant, felt a ‘wet’ sensation followed by a sharp pain.

He lifted up his shirt and spotted several inches of his colon poking out of a surgical wound.

The man had recently had abdominal surgery, but doctors told him the incision had healed well.

An ambulance was called and on arrival paramedics observed a three-inch opening with ‘large amounts of amounts of bowel’ protruding through, reports the MailOnline.

Fortunately there was minimal blood loss and no damage to the exposed organ.

He was taken to hospital and surgeons managed to put his bowel back into his abdomen.

An illustration from the patient’s case report depicting how the man’s bowels were protruding through the wound in his abdomen

After six days in hospital, he was able to return home and reportedly recovered without complications.

The case featured in the American Journal of Medical Case Reports.

Dehiscence, which is when a surgical wound reopen, is thought to happen in three-in-100 people who have undergone abdominal and pelvic surgeries. It’s slightly more common in elderly patients.

For four in 10 patients it can be fatal due to excessive blood loss and injury to the organs that have been exposed.

An illustration depictingthe man’s incision after doctors repaired his evisceration

Coughing is a common reason for it happening, the American Journal report said.

The Florida man had previously battled prostate cancer and the recent surgery was to correct issues caused by earlier surgeries, among them the removal of his bladder.

On the morning his bowels fell out, he had had the wound looked at by medics and his sutures removed.

He and his wife then decided to go to a diner and celebrate his clean bill of health with a breakfast.

To make sure the wound didn’t reopen surgeons performed figure-of-eight sutures, one of the most advanced and strongest types of closures, plus internal and external stitches and stitches that penetrate multiple layers of the abdominal wall.

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