Loose Women star flashes breasts outside parliament after special cause is ‘ignored for too long’

Christine Lampard, Brenda Edwards, Andrea McLean, Judi Love, Nadia Sawalha on Loose Women TV show

Nadia Sawalha is using her platform to shout about a cause that’s important to her (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Nadia Sawalha has made a bold statement by stripping off outside Parliament.

The Loose Women star was joined by 30 other women who all showed their breasts in a bid to get attention from the government, after feeling previous tactics to get a response hadn’t worked.

The group is campaigning for a drug called Enhertu, also known as trastuzumab deruxtecan, a targeted biological therapy which interferes with processes in cells that help cancer grow. It is currently available in Scotland and 14 other countries, but not currently in England and Wales.

The campaigners came together as a group of 31 to represent the lives lost to metastatic breast cancer each day in the UK, and their chests were painted by artist Sophie Tea.

Nadia, 59, who was proud to be part of the collective said: ‘We are here to be heard. If this is what it takes to turn heads back in our direction and put Enhertu back on the agenda, so be it. We have been ignored for too long.’

She later explained to how it felt to be part of the powerful statement: ‘It was the most strange feeling and beforehand we couldn’t imagine what it would feel like.

‘We thought that we weren’t going to be able to do it and that we’d be moved off. We were sort of planning that we might have to have a bit of a battle. We were a bit thrown off that we could just do it.

‘I could feel all the women around me shaking,’ she recalled. ‘There’s a real sense of urgency, and it was a lot.

‘It was huge. Those few moments were huge.’

Nadia joined 30 other women (Picture: Lucy North/PA Wire)

‘As women we’re used to going “tada, here we are, here’s our boobs” and it’s not that,’ she continued.

‘At one point a photographer asked some of us to put our arms up and it was like, “No, we’re not here empowered braless women”. We’re here desperate to get this government to get things moving.’

Nadia was the only person who doesn’t have or hasn’t had breast cancer, who took part in the moment, and spent her time talking to the other women and hearing their stories only drove home further why she was there. Nadia told us they were ‘running around’ her mind as she showed her body art.

‘There’s a person here today who’s lost her husband to cancer and then five months later, she got breast cancer. She has three children. They were totally terrified and thank god, she’s just still in primary breast cancer, but she could be one of these people in the future that needs this drug,’ she stated.

‘The women in England have as much right as the women in Scotland and Wales to have this treatment.’

Nadia explained to Metro why she took part (Picture: Mark Thomas/Shutterstock)

Although, the women were certain what …read more

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