Lizzy Capri quit her day job at LinkedIn to become a YouTube creator and amassed 3.9 million subscribers is less than 2 years. She told us how.

Lizzy Capri

YouTube star Lizzy Capri has amassed over 3.9 million subscribers and over half a billion views less than two years since posting her first video online.
In 2016, she graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and immediately got a job at LinkedIn.
But she quit after helping her friends Stephen and Carter Sharer become successful on YouTube, and deciding to start her own channel.
Capri shared why she left her traditional job to pursue YouTube and how she’s been able to build a sustainable business online, with employees, brand deals, and millions of views per video.

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When Lizzy Capri graduated college in 2016, YouTube fame wasn’t on her mind. She followed a more traditional path, snagging a 9-to-5 job upon graduation.

“YouTube was always a big part of my life growing up,” she told Business Insider. “And I knew people had made careers out of it, I just didn’t really know how — and left it at that.”

Capri had studied statistics and technical writing at Carnegie Mellon University, and worked as a technical writer at LinkedIn after graduating.

But she had been helping her college friend Stephen Sharer (7 million subscribers since 2015) and his brother Carter (5.6 million subscribers since 2017), with their channels, watching them grow and grow.

Then in 2018, Capri decided to start a channel of her own. It almost immediately became a runaway success.

Capri, now 25 years old, currently has over 3.9 million YouTube subscribers and over half a billion views — less than two years after posting her first video online.

She is the brains behind the “Lizzy Capri” brand, overseeing analytics, logistics, marketing, and branding on a channel that attracts mostly younger viewers.

Leaving a traditional career for YouTube

Stephen Sharer’s channel came first, with videos like hoverboard unboxings and an “insane backflip challenge” (now with almost 14 million views).

The channel’s growth began to accelerate in 2017, and Carter Sharer — who was also working on the channel along with his brother and Capri — said he would quit his day job if the channel passed 100,000 subscribers.

It did, and Capri said she thought to herself, “I’d be willing to quit too, but if we reach one million.”

Within two months of Carter quitting, the original channel “Stephen Sharer” hit one million subscribers, prompting her to leave her job at LinkedIn.

“It was so insane,” she said. “We had an Excel spreadsheet of ideas — hundreds of ideas — and any time I would think of an idea, I would add it and that’s where a lot of the initial video ideas came from.”

At first, Capri spent time on the backend of the channel, managing the email account, audience engagement through comments, and fan mail to build audience loyalty, she said.

“My traditional job definitely helped shape my experience on YouTube, and created more structure around being a creator and working in this unstructured lifestyle,” she said.

A day in the life

Early last year, Capri …read more

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