Let the blame game begin. Republicans point the finger at Parscale, Kushner, Stepien and Trump himself as the president’s team braces for a potential 2020 blowout.

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Donald Trump’s advisers and GOP leaders are quietly starting to cast blame for what could be an Election Day blowout for the president and the Republican Party, according to interviews with more than a dozen Republicans. 

Fingers are pointing every which way. Some are furious with former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale for wasting a massive campaign war chest. Others are angry at Trump’s most powerful adviser, Jared Kushner, who Republicans say held an iron grip on the president’s reelection bid despite having almost no experience before 2016 in political campaigns.

Still other Republicans say the responsibility for an electoral defeat falls primarily on the person who’s name is on the top of the 2020 ticket. 

“The one person to blame for all this is Donald J. Trump,” said one Republican close to the campaign. This persons aid Trump let a small cadre of Republican operatives cash in on his name during his reelection effort without doing enough to manage the entire operation himself. 

Few Republicans have written off Trump entirely and some genuinely expect the president to shock Democrats the same way he did four years ago against Hillary Clinton and win a second term come November. But terrible poll numbers, a surprising cash crunch despite raising historic amounts of money, and Trump’s continual struggles to manage crises as president have it looking like he could join other modern day American leaders like George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter as one-termers.  

Politics being the cut-throat profession that it is, a loss would nonetheless expose Republicans to all manner of second guessing about what could have been. And savvy political operators with decades of experience are already trying to shape the narrative of how Trump collapsed — starting with who’s responsible. 

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Complaints about Parscale have been percolating for almost two years, including White House rants from Trump himself accusing Parscale of wasting “his” money. 

Insider reported earlier this week that Parscale spent beyond the campaign’s means early in the race while planning for a $200 million cash surge this month that ultimately never arrived. Trump advisers said the campaign was on track to go broke by the start of October, but the 2020 effort’s financial situation turned around once campaign manager Bill Stepien took over. 

A Republican close to Trump dropped an F-bomb when asked this week about Parscale’s handling of the campaign money. 

“You stupid f—,” the Republican said of Parscale. “How the f— do you spend all the money that fast?”

Despite the fire and fury behind the scenes, Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said Thursday the campaign would be walking into Election Day flush with cash. The campaign, Republican National Committee, and their joint fundraising committees had raised $247.8 million in September and collectively ended last month with $251.4 million cash on hand. 

Murtaugh did not provide a breakdown of how much money each committee had in reserve entering October, nor did he say whether any of them are carrying debt on their books. The Trump campaign and RNC are scheduled to …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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