KPMG’s new $450 million training facility gives 800 employees access to free food from 8 different kitchens, a wine bar, and over 44 miles of bike paths. Here’s an exclusive look inside.


On Tuesday, KPMG will officially open the doors to its new, $450 million employee training facility located in Orlando, Florida, called the Lakehouse. Business Insider took an exclusive tour ahead of the opening.
It’s part of the professional-services giant’s effort to keep its employees up to date on the hottest tech, while also reinforcing important cultural values and giving workers a chance to interact with one another.
The 800,000-square-foot building includes a fitness studio, wine bar, eight kitchens, and access to 44 miles of bike paths, among other perks.
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KPMG employees now have a very good reason to visit Orlando, Florida — apart from going to Disney World.

On Tuesday, the professional-services giant will officially open a new $450 million training facility called the Lakehouse. The 800,000-square-foot facility — which is part educational center, part cultural hub — can house 800 employees overnight, has eight kitchens, multiple classrooms, a wine room, fitness studio, and access to 44 miles of bike paths, among other perks. KPMG employees can stay at the facility at no charge.

KPMG isn’t the only company to take such an approach to their training. Across the industry, rivals like Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers are also investing heavily in efforts to upskill their current workforce on technology like artificial intelligence and automation. But what sets KPMG’s facility apart from competitors is the focus on culture, according to CEO Lynne Doughtie.

“Lakehouse creates an environment to ensure that our people are constantly learning and growing,” she told Business Insider. But it is “way more than a building. It fosters new ways of thinking, and learning, and collaborating.”

We took an exclusive tour of the Lakehouse ahead of its opening on Tuesday to figure out why the investment is so critical to KPMG, which has nearly $30 billion in annual revenue.

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Once employees arrive in the Sunshine State, they are immediately swept away in this shuttle that takes them from Orlando International Airport to the Lakehouse.

Videos on KPMG’s history are shown during the roughly 15-minute ride, and employees can treat themselves to water and a cold towel.

The 800,000-square-foot building is located in an increasingly popular corporate neighborhood in Orlando. It’s right by the United States Tennis Association’s national campus, several hospitals, and the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute (a wellness center focused on improving the performance of athletes, CEOs, and the armed forces).

The entrance to the facility has the feel of an upscale hotel — and that vibe continues into the lobby and throughout the Lakehouse.

The lobby feels like the entrance to any upscale hotel, with ample seating and breakout areas. But unlike a hotel, employees don’t have to check in anywhere. Everything is done by mobile.

There are unique features throughout the Lakehouse. Employees can sign a message on this interactive glass table, for example, and it will appear on …read more

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