Knife crime causes, ‘old age’ and a hero robbed of her identity

Police barrier tape in the UK

Where are the protections for kids that feel they need to carry knives? (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

In light of MetroTalk (Fri) discussion of knife crime in and its comparison to US mass shootings, a reader highlights that it’s fear, rather than malicious intent, that often drives young men to carry knives.

That said, shouldn’t the government address why they might be carrying knives in the first place, rather than imposing a harsh punishment for a first offence?

Meanwhile, how old is ‘old’?, commendable feats of courage during WWII, the power of protest and could Keir Starmer rebuild the UK’s relationship with Europe if he wins at the next General Election?

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Why are kids carrying knives?

Knife crime in the UK is not, as Bob Readman says (MetroTalk, Fri), the same as mass shootings in the US.

The majority of young men carrying knives are doing so because they’re scared and vulnerable to a malicious minority who mean to cause real harm.

Where are their protections?

Mr Readman’s suggestion for tougher sentences for these vulnerable young men carrying bladed articles – who are disproportionately stopped and searched – would be a draconian response to those already failed by austerity cuts and the indifference of society.

We need community centres, safe spaces and youth workers, not harsh punishment for scared teenagers trying to protect themselves on the fringes of a society that does little to show they are valued or that they have any opportunities to flourish.

Give children a fair chance at having a decent life. Michael, Manchester

Is 57 geriatric?

Salma Hayak is 57 (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

So, a report shows that Gen-Zs think that, at 57, Salma Hayek should now be classed as geriatric (Metro, Fri).

Well, I have news for them. While not quite of the same vintage as Salma, I can confirm that they, too, will be middle-aged before they know it.

Time goes very fast but, alas, they have no concept of this in their youth. I can totally believe what the report says, that it is the baby boomers who are more active and spend more time outdoors, as they fully understand this.

I would love a twenty-something to ask me whether I ever wished to be young again, just so I could throw that old Bob Dylan lyric at them. ‘Ah, but I was so much older then/I’m younger than that now.’ Dec, Essex

Maria Skarbek worked for MI6 on several occasions in France, where agents had an average life-expectancy of only six weeks only to be killed by a jilted lover (Credits: SWNS)

Further to your report on the lethal dagger-hairbrush of SOE agent Maria Skarbek (Metro, Thu). Maria was born Krystyna Skarbek in 1908 to a Jewish mother (Stefania, who was murdered in the Holocaust and from the Goldfeder banking family).

Her extraordinary feats of courage during World War II earned her the George Medal, OBE and Croix de Guerre.

When …read more

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