Jonnie Irwin’s wife reveals heartbreaking chats with sons about their dad after his death

Jonnie Irwin with family

Jonnie Irwin is spoken about daily by his family (Picture: Instagram)

Jonnie Irwin’s widow Jessica Holmes has shared some of the conversations she’s had with their sons since his death.

The A Place In The Sun presenter died in February at the age of 50, after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2020 which spread to his brain.

The parents decided not to talk to their young children – Rex, five, and twins Rafa and Cormac, three – about their dad dying, and now Jess, is navigating how to talk about the loss with them.

Jess, whom he married in 2016, has said Irwin is still part of her daily chats with them.

‘Jonnie is present in so many of our chats. Rex will say: “Would Daddy like to watch this?” or: “Was this Daddy’s favourite chocolate?” He wants to include him, whereas with the twins, it’s more: “I want Daddy to come back,” and I say: “Yes, I do, too”,’ she told Hello!

Their eldest son also has a special way of feeling connected to Irwin, which Jess encourages.

The parents decided not to tell their children that Irwin was dying (Picture: Instagram/ jonnieirwintv)

‘Rex had these wrap-around sunglasses on when we went away recently and he pointed to the screws and said: “Mummy, look – if you press this button, you can see up in the sky. And if you press this button, you can speak to Daddy”,’ she recalled. The mum-of-three asked if she could borrow them during a sweet exchange.

Jess added that she felt her heart break when Cormac asked: ‘Can the spaceman not find him?’

The couple were married for seven years (Picture:@jonnieirwintv/Instagram)

Irwin was looked after at home by Jess, with the support of nurses. Jess has said Irwin was negative in his final weeks, and now, she feels upset as she questions whether he knew what was happening.

‘That’s what makes me really, really, really sad, when I think what must have been going through his mind,’ she said.

Before his death, Irwin told Jess: ‘I’m so happy I met you’ and added that their boys would have ‘the most joy and fun’ with her.

‘We had so much fun, Jonnie and me. We were never boring. We weren’t best friends, we were lovers; there was passion,’ she concluded.

Irwin kept his diagnosis private for two years (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Irwin kept his diagnosis private for two years, but decided to speak out about it in November 2022, explaining that he had been given ‘months to live’.

He said at the time: ‘I don’t know how long I have left, but I try to stay positive and my attitude is that I’m living with cancer, not dying from it.’

Confirming the heartbreaking news of Irwin’s death on February 2, a post was shared on his Instagram page.

‘We had so much fun’ (Picture:@jonnieirwintv/Instagram)

Alongside an old holiday photo of Irwin and his wife, Jessica wrote: ‘In Loving Memory ????

‘It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Jonnie’s …read more

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