John Bishop slammed as ‘unprofessional’ for rescheduling gig to watch England in Euros final

Image compilation with John Bishop taking to camera and Gareth Souhgate celebrating

John Bishop isn’t going to be working at 8pm on Sunday evening (Picture: Getty/X/@JohnBishop100)

John Bishop just got a fair bit of flak for moving his comedy gig so he can watch ‘the boys’ play at the Euro 2024 final against Spain.

Last night, with a fail-safe Harry Kane penalty and a 28-year-old Ollie Watkins hitting the back of the net in the 90th minute, England beat the Netherlands 2 – 1 in what was a nail-biting semi-final.

With the Lions skipping onto the pitch with a renewed gusto, the country were left gob-smacked at Gareth Southgate’s squad’s performance, which qualified them for this Sunday’s final at 8pm.

Unluckily for the 57-year-old comedian, he also had a comedy gig in Wolverhampton at 8pm on Sunday evening. On discovering the clash, John took to social media to inform fans there was ‘no chance’ that was going to happen in light of England’s success.

Filming himself in the immediate aftermath of the result on Wednesday night, John looked at the camera and said: ‘This is a message to all the people coming to Wolverhampton on Sunday. I’m not doing the show at 8 o’clock.

‘The show is going to get moved to the afternoon. You’re all going to get an email in the morning telling you the time.

The England squad will be heading to the Euro final (Picture: Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

John is hoping it’s coming home (Picture: X/@johnbishop100)

‘I know it won’t suit everyone so if anyone can’t make it we will get you a refund. But we’re definitely going to move the time to Sunday afternoon, because there’s no chance I’m going to do it at 8 o’clock because I’m going to be busy watching these boys.’

Some fans were horrified at the comedian’s decision, while others thought it was absolutely fair enough – as the last time England men’s team won the Euros was, well, never.

‘That is such unprofessional behaviour to be honest. So a football match makes you inconvenience people who like you but maybe don’t like football,’ wrote @duaneomac87.

John is an avid Liverpool FC fan (Picture: Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

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‘Total disrespect for your fans,’ said Stuart Franklin, while Yvonne McLure added: ‘How unprofessional! That’s ridiculous!’

‘Train gets in at 5. FANTASTIC! A Scotsman now with f**k all to do and a hotel for no reason,’ wrote a sarcastic @Carlos16rfc, while Michael Fogarty said it was ‘outrageously unprofessional’.

But others totally understood John’s move, as Scott Jenkin said: ‘A lot of people calling John ‘unprofessional’ for moving one show forward… I know it’s our second final in three years, but hear me out… it’s – pretty much – a once in a lifetime event. Give the lad the night off.’

Fan @manutdazza added, ‘Fantastic, well done John. Absolutely the right thing to do,’ while @CrabmanGM said: ‘Good call.’

‘Love it!’ added @taa_liz, who continued: …read more

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