Jane Fonda sparks backlash with ‘cruel’ Canada Goose collaboration

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is collaborating with Canada Goose (Picture: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Jane Fonda is facing backlash after collaborating with Canada Goose. 

The 86-year-old Grace and Frankie actor announced on social media she was ‘proud’ to be teaming up with the luxury jacket brand for a ‘purpose-driven project’ aimed at protecting the planet. 

‘Today I am proud to announce my partnership with Haider Ackermann and Canada Goose,’ began Fonda, who is also known for her animal rights and environmental activism. 

‘As Haider steps into the role of their first-ever Creative Director, we embark on a purpose-driven project aimed at inspiring action to protect our planet in collaboration with Polar Bears International,’ she explained, alongside a photo of her wearing the brand. 

‘I have put my full force into inspiring planet-friendly choices to address the climate crisis. What’s happening in the Arctic is powerful, important, and essential.’

However, Fonda’s followers were not impressed, and pointed out that Canada Goose still uses fur – despite their 2021 pledge to phase out the product.

Fans have expressed their ‘disappointment’ at the activist collaborating with the brand (Picture: John Lamparski/Getty Images)

The company’s 2021 announcement came after they faced much criticism for using coyote fur for their iconic parka coat hoods.

The executive of Humane Society, Claire Bass, said at the time: ‘For years, Canada Goose’s trademark parka jackets with coyote fur trim have been synonymous with fur cruelty but their announcement today is another major blow to the global fur trade.’ 

However, three years on and their fur hoods are still very much present on their website, in many of their £1,000 plus products. 

Canada Goose wrote in their 2023 sustainability report that they ceased the purchasing of all fur in December 2021, and ended the production of fur the following year. 

Chairman Dani Reiss said ‘Our production is fur-free. As we ended production with fur, we continue to invest in new, sustainable materials to provide the trademark warmth and performance Canada Goose is known for.

‘Materials like our Kind Fleece – primarily made from recycled wool – are a promising next step for our textile needs.’ 

Canada Goose say they have stopped purchasing real fur(Picture: Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag) rang Canada Goose, and was assured by a shopping assistant that the hooded fur on their jackets was 100% real. The organisation’s media team is yet to reply to a request for comment. 

Many of their jackets also include down; the soft feathers which grow closest to birds’ skin, primarily in the chest region.

While Canada Goose are Responsible Down Standard certified – which prohibits force-feeding, and live-plucking of birds for the material – they don’t appear to have an animal cruelty policy elsewhere on their website. 

Given Canada Goose’s use of fur in 2024, fans took to Fonda’s social media post to share their ‘disappointment’ at the collaboration. 

Jane is teaming up with the brand for an environmental campaign (Picture: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images)

‘Ms Fonda, I adore you. But Canada Goose uses fur, tell them to stop, please,’ wrote user janebrowno1, while nealio77 …read more

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