I’ve been using a portable $60 standing desk for over a year — and I’m never going back

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After a lifetime of sitting, I switched to a standing desk at my home office over a year ago.
It wasn’t an expensive change. All I needed was an unused cardboard box.
BUT the box eventually wore out.
I thought about having a new one made from wood, but then I discovered the Stand Stand portable standing desk.
For $60, it’s one of the best investments I ever made.
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I think I got my first desk when I was about ten. For the following 41 years, despite knowing that there was a history of writing while standing that stretched back through Ernest Hemingway and other greats, I took a seat. First with pen and paper, later with a typewriter, and then with desktop and laptop computers.

In my experience, writers don’t like to mess with what’s working. My daily output for decades has been in the ballpark of 500-1,000 words, achieved while sitting, and I was disinclined to shake that up.

However, I heeded the modern assessment that sitting is death, while also studying my usually much younger colleagues pecking away at the high-tech standing-desk contraptions (when Business Insider moved our offices to Wall Street, everybody was offered a standing desk that can be moved up and down, in the event that a spell of sitting is desired).

I wasn’t ready to shake up my office desk, which is sort of a shrine to spending four years at Business Insider writing about cars. My home setup was a different story. I use a laptop there (it’s a desktop with a big monitor at the office), so while I was on a two-week staycation in August of 2018, I made the switch.

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I spent exactly zero dollars. Luckily, I had an old cardboard wine box that was precisely as high as it needed to be, and with precisely enough surface area when flipped upside down, to support a MacBook Air. I reasoned that such a lightweight, el-cheapo approach could both be easily switched back to the old arrangement — and, if I liked the new deal, replicated in wood for a more polished vibe.

My desk isn’t terribly large, and the stuff I have on it is stuff I want to keep on it, so the overall standing-desk footprint had to be modest in any case.

But although the box was the ideal shape and size, it eventually wore out. I initially thought about my custom-made idea, but some searching on the internet turned up StandStand, a Massachusetts-based company that got its start on Kickstarter and was founded by a Harvard doctorate who now teaches Arabic.

StandStand sells a variety of desks, with a large top-of-the-line model in bamboo going for $425. I bought the most basic portable model, which is made of birch and costs $59. I breaks down into three pieces, so you can bring …read more

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