ITV viewers obsessed with new reality show that has shocking comparisons to The Traitors

Fortune Hotel is ITV's new reality game show.

ITV’s new game show The Fortune Hotel has already drawn comparisons to The Traitors (Picture: ITV/ Shutterstock)

ITV viewers have flocked to a new game show that many are comparing to BBC’s hit series The Traitors.

Hosted by Stephen Mangan, The Fortune Hotel is set at a luxury hotel in the Caribbean and starts with 10 couples all being given a briefcase.

Eight cases are empty, one contains an early check-out card, and another contains a jackpot cash prize of £250,000.

During the series the contestants can bid and deal among each other to swap cases after undertaking various challenges.

The first episode hit screens on Monday night, and while many couldn’t help but compare the two shows, some said they were excited to see how this new concept played out.

‘I feel like I can see myself checking in for the duration. It’s a hit!’ one viewer posted on X.

One fan labelled it a ‘hit’ (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

‘Ooh Fortune Hotel is a bit like The Traitors in the Caribbean. Even the music is similar,’ Karen shared.

‘Yes, it’s similar to The Traitors but I enjoyed that – nicer surroundings (too),’ another added.

Meanwhile Dylan said the show was ‘giving me a mix of The Traitors and Deal or No Deal’.

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