It’s official: Men have no idea what women want

Men think women want one thing when they want another, and vice versa

Men think women want one thing when they want another, and vice versa (Picture: Getty Images)

The saying goes ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’, but actually it seems 2024 is the year both genders are sharing Earth’s common ground – they just don’t know it.

And while men think they’ve cracked the age-old question of ‘what women want’, they’re still way off (and women aren’t much better at deciphering how the opposite sex think).

There’s no doubt about it; dating is hard. In fact, 91% of men and 94% of women believe this, according to Tinder’s latest report which surveyed 8,000 people from the UK, the US, Australia and Canada.

But if you wade past the dating app fatigue, the ghosting, the bad first dates and the general feeling of uncertainty around ever being able to find ‘the one’, yes you’ll be exhausted, but you’ll also see that incorrect assumptions are being made about what women (and men) truly want.

While 53% of men admitted to wanting a romantic relationship, they believed fewer women were looking for the same thing, despite this figure actually sitting at 68%.

Guys also jumped to conclusions about what women are looking for in a potential partner. When it came to factors like height, 34% of men said this was important to a woman, while 31% felt women cared about their job title. However, Tinder’s study found that these traits certainly weren’t ‘make or breaks’ for women when it comes to ‘the one’.

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