Is it cheaper to use gas or electricity to cook?

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We asked the experts whether its cheaper to cook using gas or electricity (Picture: Getty)

As the cost of living crisis bites, many Brits are doing all they can to make sure their lifestyles are as cost-effective as possible.

Cooking, one of life’s daily pleasures – or chores – is one of the key areas being targeted by those keen to save some cash.

Brits are prepping meals days in advance and cutting back on non-essential food items in a bid to lower monthly bills.

But what about the appliances you use to do your cooking? asked the experts whether cooking using gas or electricity is cheaper.

Is it cheaper to cook using a gas or electric oven?

There is no easy answer to this question, according to the experts (Picture: Getty)

According to the experts, there is no ‘simple answer’ to this question.

Gareth Kloet, Go.Compare’s energy spokesperson told, that this is because ‘the efficiency of your cooking method and the time it takes have a big impact on the energy used, and therefore the cost.’

Jack Ferguson, energy saving expert at told that ‘on the whole’ electric ovens are more efficient than gas ones – using 40% less energy.

However, he pointed out that the unit cost of electricity is about three times that of gas (10.33p per KWH versus 34.04p per KWH) which means on average, a household using an electric oven will spend £50 more a year than a household using a gas oven.

Despite this, Ferguson said that because ovens cost ‘hundreds and hundreds of pounds to install, it wouldn’t be practical to change to a gas appliance unless your oven is at the end of its life.’

Is it cheaper to cook with a gas or an electric hob?

Gas hobs cost less per use than electric ones (Picture: Getty)

Ferguson said that the most energy efficient type of hob is an electric induction one.

However, he said that although electric induction hobs win in terms of actual usage, gas hobs cost around 9p per use, whereas electric hobs cost around 17p per use.

This means that on average, a person using a gas hob will save £34 a year compared to someone using an electric one.

Ferguson added: ‘Hobs are not an easy change either, so you probably have to stick with what you have until it needs replacing.’

Which are the cheapest appliances to run?

Air fryers are cheaper to run than traditional electric ovens (Picture: Getty)

Both Kloet and Ferguson agreed that air fryers and microwaves-both of which use electricity – are more cost effective than traditional ovens.

Kloet said that this is because they ‘both typically use less electricity than traditional electric ovens, as they are quicker cooking methods and therefore take less time and …read more

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