Investors say these 22 fintechs are ready to take off and become the next big names in consumer finance

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We asked some of the top fintech investors to recommend up-and-coming fintechs going direct to the consumer.
Investors could nominate their own portfolio companies, as well as fintechs they haven’t backed, with the caveat that nominees couldn’t have raised beyond a Series B round of funding.
Investors’ picks varied, but a central theme was personal finance, be it through automated saving, investing, or debt management.
Here are the 22 up-and-coming consumer fintechs investors are watching.

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Early stage investing is a risky market, especially when it comes to the startups going direct to the consumer, where customer acquisition is everything.

But for all the risks the market poses, the rewards are high, too. Some of the biggest winners in the wake of the coronavirus have been fintechs addressing people’s needs. Robinhood, which has seen massive growth as market volatility continues, is now valued at $8.3 billion after its most recent funding round in May. Meanwhile, other personal finance apps like Chime and Stash have also seen record sign-up numbers recently. 

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In an effort to keep track of the next big consumer fintech, Business Insider asked 27 fintech investors to pitch us on up-and-coming startups.

While investors could nominate both their own portfolio companies and those they haven’t backed, we set a fundraising limit of companies who had not raised more than a Series B. 

While responses were wide-ranging, a major theme was a tech-forward spin on personal finance, be it through automated saving, investing, or paying down debt. 

To be sure, Americans are paying more attention to their own finances, and are saving more amid the coronavirus pandemic. Though experts are unsure whether these new habits will stick.

Here are the 22 up-and-coming fintechs going direct to consumers.

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Cited by: QED Investors (investor)

Total raised: $72 million

What it does: This California startup aims to be customers “smart friend,” answering any money questions they may have. Albert has a team of “Geniuses” on hand, many of whom have various certifications, to answer questions about saving, investing, and borrowing. 

Why it’s hot in 2020: “Albert gives consumers insight into what is happening with their money including overdraft fees, recurring charges, budgeting, spending, and allows them automatic savings and offerings to optimize their financial situation. Albert has the wind at its back as it continues to expand offerings to become a staple in consumers lives,” said Nigel Morris, QED Investors’ cofounder and managing partner.

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