Investment banking recruiters and veterans share their best tips for nailing your ‘super day’ interviews

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“Super day” is the last round of interviews in the recruiting process for investment banking jobs, such as analyst and associate positions. It usually lasts for multiple hours and includes several rounds of behavioral and technical questions in a combination of one-on-one and one-on-two (one candidate and two hiring managers) conversations.

In Europe, you’ll also be asked to visit assessment centers, which will have you role playing or playing games that demonstrate both your technical skills and learning ability, while in the United States you’ll be asked to respond to case study questions. 

Many major financial services firms, including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, have a long tradition of hosting super days. Usually, potential employees are brought into the organization’s headquarters after a phone screening and other in-person interviews, which previously took place on a college or university campus as part of the formal recruiting process. Interviewers then doll out job offers (or not) within a few days of super day, or even on the same day at the end of the event.

In the age of the pandemic, however, many firms are conducting all their interviews and super days virtually, and some banks are not providing job offers as quickly. 

Regardless of how super day takes place, those interviewing can prepare themselves to make a good impression by following these tips and tricks. 

Wear appropriate attire (and an air of confidence)

The clothes you wear will make an impression, said Marisa Mackey Palmer, a career blogger and senior lecturer at the University of Wisconsin. Palmer, who’s a 2004 graduate of Columbia Business School, went through a super day that resulted in landing a job at Lehman Brothers. Before moving into higher education, Palmer spent 10 years on Wall Street. 

“What is unique about the finance field is the corporate culture,” she said. “You have to dress in a classic, formal way. You are the stewards of your client’s capital and value. Investment bankers want you to be personal and affable but also serious about this responsibility.” 

As a result, Palmer suggested men wear classic-cut suits and avoid trendy styles. Women, she said, should wear modest, classic skirt suits. Pant suits are acceptable, too, but Palmer said she prefers skirts because they seem more traditional to her. 

Snježana “Ana” Billian, founder of Great Career Studios, an online platform for career coaching based in Munich, Germany, and former vice president for learning and development in the investment banking division of UniCredit, an Italian banking and financial services organization, advised people to wear darker colors, such as navy, black, or grey, with white button-down shirts. Even if it’s hot outside, you should always wear closed-toe shoes, she said.

“Show a posture that is confident,” she added. “Adopt a power pose that shows you have composure of yourself.” 

Show that you’re collaborative and have the technical skills needed to succeed

While, by design, there might be some surprising questions or situations that the banks will want to see you confront, there are some questions you can anticipate, Billian said. 

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