Interior designers reveal 13 things they’d buy at Dollar Tree this month

Dollar Tree in store

Insider asked two interior designers to share the home-decor items and practical products they’d buy at Dollar Tree this month.
They suggested the budget retailer’s hexagonal shelves, which can be practical and stylish.
The chain’s collapsible storage containers are also a great find, according to one interior designer.
The designers also recommended a number of rustic home-decor items, including vases and framed artwork.
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When sprucing up your home on a budget, you may want to head to Dollar Tree, where almost every item costs just $1.

To help you narrow down your options, Insider asked several interior designers to tell us about what they’d pick up from the budget retailer this month.

Here are some of the best things you can get at Dollar Tree in January.

Keep in mind that these items cost $1 in store but are only sold in bulk online.

Hexagonal shelves can add a contemporary flair to your room while helping you save space.

Sarah Jones, interior designer at NY Furniture Outlets, said she recommends Dollar Tree’s black and white hexagonal shelves as a contemporary way to add more storage into your home.

No larger than a foot wide, the shelves are perfect for displaying small knick-knacks in your home or office.

“Their geometrical shape will bring to your room modern minimalistic vibes,” Jones told Insider. “Black and white contrast will freshen every room interior.”

Dollar Tree’s picture frames can look elegant and professional.

Dollar Tree also sells Pinterest-worthy decorative picture frames that can add a fun vibe to your space, including ones that incorporate clothespins and bright patterns.

“If I saw these on Instagram, I’d assume that the owner had paid a professional framer to make them — but nope, they’re available at Dollar Tree for a buck,” John Linden, lead designer at MirrorCoop of Los Angeles, California, told Insider.

Jones added that she likes the 8-inch by 10-inch rose-gold photo frame because it is simple, yet elegant.

“This simple photo frame with the fabulous finish that shimmers in pale pink and deep golden undertones can become a small part of the living room or bedroom,” she told Insider.

Decorative mirrors can add a fascinating focal point to any room.

To add an exciting accent to your bedroom, living room, or bathroom, give Dollar Tree’s mirrors a try.

Jones said that each mirror design has its perks, but that she especially appreciates the weathered character of the gold and silver ornamental frames.

This particular style measures roughly 9 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches.

These Old Williamsburg candles can add a rustic vibe to your home.

Jones said you should consider picking up an Old Williamsburg rye-whiskey-scented candle if you want to add a rustic and unique vibe to your home.

The candles come in barrel-shaped jars with cork toppers — and the containers can later be reused as storage.

These rope-wrapped metal vases are also perfect for a rustic-inspired home.

Linden told Insider that Dollar …read more

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