Instagram has added new audio features to Reels that solve a major pain point for music marketers and could help it compete with TikTok

Instagram Reels - audio features.

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Instagram introduced a series of new features on Thursday to make trending songs on its short-form video feature Reels more discoverable.

The company created a new song discovery page featuring “trending” tracks, added the ability to share audio pages with friends in direct messages, and created an option for users to bookmark songs for later use (similar to the “favorite” feature in TikTok).

The audio-focused updates should make the app functionally more like TikTok, an app that has become an indispensable tool for the music industry this year as popular songs have taken off organically or through paid song integrations with influencers. 

“We know sounds and music can be a big source of inspiration to join a trend, and an opportunity to reach an audience, or even go viral, which is why we’re excited to see how people use today’s updates,” an Instagram spokesperson told Business Insider.

The updates should also appease some music marketers who said that Reels’ lack of a comparably robust song discovery system to TikTok’s made it difficult for promoted tracks to take off on the app.

“The virality to [Reels] isn’t the same and we basically honed in on trying to get the right interesting influencers,” Josh Brandon, a music marketer who recently ran song promotions on Reels, told Business Insider. “The numbers on it aren’t massive waves yet, but it’s an exceptionally useful tool and I think that it’s certainly something that’s going to become more important.”

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