I’m completely obsessed with ‘hair Botox’ – here’s why

Hair botox

It doesn’t involve needles (Picture: getty)

I’ve never been one for injectables. In fact, the thought of a needle being poked into my face is honestly terrifying.

But when I heard about Tryo hair salon offering ‘hair Botox’ for luscious locks, I thought: ‘f**k it’.

But before you give me a pat on the back for overcoming my fears, it’s important to know that so-called ‘hair Botox’ works a little differently to traditional Botox treatments.

In fact, it’s totally non-invasive and it’s more of a specialised deep conditioning treatment for your locks.

There are no needles involved. Instead, the solution is slathered onto your hair before you sit under a laser (more on that later).

The aim is to leave your hair looking smoother, softer and fuller – similar to the way that Botox smooths out those fine lines and wrinkles – get it?

I was keen to try it, but part of me questioned if it was a bit of a beauty fad. Well, how wrong I was.

To say I’m obsessed with my hair after the treatment would be an understatement.

It’s been five days since I got it done and I haven’t needed to wash my hair, it’s not greasy. Instead it’s sleek, intensely shiny and soft as hell – you can see for yourself in the video below!

I saw a friend on Friday who I told about the treatment, to which she reached out and touched my hair before looking at me and saying: ‘I’m getting it’.

The whole process took about an hour and a half (Picture: Alice Giddings)

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