I’m a professional bridesmaid who charges at least $2,000 per wedding — here’s how I went about setting my rates

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Jen Glantz is an entrepreneur and founder of the company Bridesmaid for Hire, for which she works as a professional bridesmaid in the weddings of complete strangers.

When she first began her out-of-the-box business, Glantz struggled to figure out how much she should charge clients for her services.

After studying the rates of other industry professionals like wedding planners and coordinators, Glantz started off charging a base price of around $2,000 for eight hours of wedding support and three pre-wedding meetings.
Some clients want more access to her, so Glantz also offers a-la-carte pricing for one-off events like a bachelorette party or bridal shower. 

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When I first started my business, Bridesmaid for Hire, almost six years ago, I told people the service was free. I was starting a business around the idea that strangers could hire me to be their bridesmaid. I wanted to be there as a person’s support system during what always turns out to be a stressful and anxiety-filled day. I didn’t even think about putting a price tag on that offering.

But a week into starting the business, when hundreds of requests from people all around the world entered my inbox due to an ad I’d posted on Craigslist that went viral, I realized not only was this an in-demand service, but it was one that I should charge people for.

After learning more about the backstory of why these people wanted to hire me, I realized that a lot of work, energy, and hours would have to go toward working with each client. 

For starters, there was the time spent before the wedding getting to know the person and working through all their challenges and wedding problems. It wasn’t just going to be one phone call. I had a feeling it would be closer to 20 phone calls, with sporadic text messages. If the client lived near me in New York City, there would be plenty of in-person meetings, both at coffee shops and also to help them run wedding errands. All of the planning around what my core offerings were going to be made me realize that this would be an expensive service. It would cost, at least, a few thousand dollars.

Still unsure of how much to charge, I dove into a few different strategies and made mistakes along the way before eventually coming up with a good system. Here’s how I decided how much to charge my clients who were hiring me as their professional bridesmaid.

I studied wedding planners. 

I’d never started a business before and had no formal training in branding and pricing. I was a poetry major in college who’d spent years working different copywriting jobs before starting Bridesmaid for Hire.

But one of the most helpful things I did, before formally launching the business, was take a close look at how wedding planners and day-of coordinators price out their packages. While I was offering a very different service than those two wedding vendors, I felt the way …read more

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