I’m a mom influencer who earns up to $12,000 a month through paid sponsorships. Here’s how I grew my income and following while caring for my son.

Manou Oeschger

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I never planned on being a mommy influencer. 

When I was 24 years old, I had sudden success in the music industry when I was cast by Disney in Germany into the band beFour. We toured all over Europe, sold music records, and had our own show on the Disney Channel in Europe. I’d always dreamed of moving to the United States, so after three years in the band, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue music in 2010.

As I pursued music, a friend suggested that I start posting fashion photos on Instagram.

As a singer, I embraced wild, over-the-top fashion, which included having a mohawk at one point. At that time, many fashion influencers were starting to build successful careers on the platform. My Instagram grew quickly as I was performing at high schools three times a week, which offered a unique opportunity to promote my Instagram to a new audience. 

At first, I posted photos my boyfriend Chris shot of me on his iPhone. After I’d gained about 15,000 followers, which was a lot back in 2010, I was able to start charging for sponsored posts. Shortly afterward, I’d made enough to purchase a professional camera, a Canon 5D, with my earnings. My Instagram growth was going so well that I stopped pursuing music to focus on Instagram full-time when I reached 20,000 followers.

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In 2018, Chris and I got married and soon welcomed our baby Liam in September 2019. As all mothers know, life changes immediately the moment your first child is born.

I’d originally planned to keep up my fashion content on Instagram, but as a new mom, there was no time for dressing up. 

Gone were the days when we could spontaneously drive into the desert to search for remote, undiscovered shooting locations. I had a hard time creating fashion content as a new mom since there was no time for high-fashion shoots and makeup, so I pivoted to mommy content. 

I’ve been a part of the new mommy Instagram community for over a year now, and feel very grateful and fulfilled by this community I’ve found online.

On a typical day, I wake up at 7 a.m. to go through my emails before Liam wakes up an hour later.

Once he’s up, we have breakfast together and walk him in the stroller with the dogs. At 10 a.m., it’s back to bed for Liam, which gives me time to shower and do my hair and makeup. We all grab lunch together at noon.

Chris and I both currently work from home; his job as a concert photographer was sidelined during the pandemic, so at the moment he’s focused on shooting and editing content for my Instagram account.

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