Iconic noughties rocker really is unrecognisable now – but can you work out who it is?

Justin Hawkins

Can you guess who this iconic rockstar is? (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)

The word ‘unrecognisable’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but this iconic noughties rocker genuinely is.

But the question is – do you know his identity?

The music star, now 48 years of age, was spotted on a shopping trip in London this week.

Sporting a baseball cap and hoodie, he looked worlds away from his former self as he browsed designer stores in Mayfair.

The singer kept it casual in a black jumper and grey checked trousers, carring his belongings in a rucksack.

He aso wore black rimmed glasses and had several piercings on display, including a nose ring.

He’s totally unreconisable these days! (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)

He looks worlds away from his noughties self (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)

The statr enjoyed a spot of shopping in London this week (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)

The rocker appeared in good spirits as he waved down a taxi after splashing the cash in high-end shop Marni.

So, have your detective skills served you well?

Ok, we’ll put you out of your misery.

It’s only Justin Hawkins!

Yes, we mean the lead singer of The Darkness, whose long, blonde locks are now a thing of the past.

Instead, he has short, brunette hair, probably making shopping trips in the capital a lot easier since he’ll be able to go undetected.

It’s only Justin Hawkins! (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)

The 48-year-old kept it casual in a hoodie and baseball cap (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)

His long, blonde locks are no more! (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)

Did you guess who the iconic rockstar was? If not, who did you think it was?Comment Now

Fans might be surprised to learn that Justin actually went for the chop a while back.

As his Instagram page shows, he cut off his tresses over a year ago.

And he’s by no means out of the spotlight, as the I Believe in a Thing Called Love hitmaker has turned his hand to podcasting, hosting his own weekly pod alongside his music.

The last time UK audiences saw Justin on our screens was back in 2020, as he stunned everyone by revealing his identity on The Masked Singer.

Justin performed as Chameleon and had us all fooled – including the judges.

In fact, one panelist in particular was gobsmacked by his unmasking.

Justin is still going strong with The Darkness (Picture: Kevin Mazur)

And he even has his own weekly podcast! (Picture: Instagram)

He stunned us all when he was revealed on The Masked Singer in 2020 (Picture: ITV)

Rita Ora was unable to hide her love for the star, fawning over him instantly and hailing him one of her dream men.

However, Justin’s response to Rita’s undeniable crush was rather cheeky, given that his costume made headlines thanks to a rather noticeable bulge in the pants.

Speaking on This Morning, Justin brushed off his flirtation with the Hot Right Now singer, …read more

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