I went on a 3-day camping and hiking trip led by REI’s travel company — here’s why I recommend REI Adventures to anyone

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My alarm jostled me awake at 5 a.m. PT, around the same time I’d usually wake up on the East coast. But instead of getting dressed for work, I layered up in comfortable gear, made sure my daypack had enough water in it, and rolled out of my tent, ready as I would ever be for a sunrise hike in Pinnacles National Park. 

I owed this unique opportunity to REI Adventures, the travel company arm of outdoor co-op REI, which has been guiding adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts on these trips since 1987. This hiking and camping excursion through one of the country’s newest national parks is just one of the many outdoor adventures it offers around the world. 

If the idea of an “outdoor adventure” sounds intimidating or intense, don’t be discouraged. REI Adventures offers trips for a wide variety of activity levels, durations, and activities, so you can find one that suits your comfort level and interests. The more important point is to get you outdoors (your body and mind will thank you for it) with less hassle and work. 

See below for a glimpse into what my experience was like on an REI Adventures trip through Pinnacles National Park. At the end of this review, I’ve also included answers to a series of FAQs such as how long each REI Adventures trip is and how much it costs to attend.  

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After arriving at the park, we jumped right into the sunny afternoon with a five-mile hike.

Our group of nine people total (seven participants and two guides) traversed mountainous terrain, stopping to admire distinctive rock formations and attempt to spot the elusive California condor. We learned a bit about the history of the park, its geography, and its notable features. 

With our first hike checked off and our bodies sufficiently warmed up, we drove back to the campground to set up camp. Everything for our trip fit in this van and small trailer.

Packed into the trailer were tents, cooking equipment, food supplies for all three days, and camping chairs. 

The guides showed us how to set up our tents, which were surprisingly easy to assemble, even for a novice like me.

I haven’t camped in at least 10 years, so I was a little nervous about having to set up my own tent. But thanks to the clear direction of our guides and the simple design of the tents, I had my humble abode set up in no time.

In case you’re wondering, we slept in these airy REI Co-op Kingdom 4 Tents ($399). Since I don’t camp often, I appreciated that these were provided to us. I wouldn’t use it enough if I bought one for myself, and I also have nowhere to store it in my own apartment. 

They also provided us with sleeping pads, small …read more

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