I went inside 3 rented apartments in Vienna, and it was obvious why it’s the ‘world’s most liveable city’

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Vienna was recently named the “world’s most livable city” for the second year running by The Economist Intelligence Unit.
Its favorable renting conditions play a big part in this.
On a recent visit to the city, we met three renters, looked around their homes, and found out what they pay.
Compared to cities like London and New York, the prices are incredibly low, especially considering the sizes of the properties.
Gerda, for example, lives on her own and pays €360 ($400) a month for a 45-square-meter apartment.
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In September 2019, Vienna was named the world’s most livable city for the second year running.

The Austrian capital topped the chart compiled by The Economist Intelligence Unit, beating Australia’s Melbourne and Sydney which claimed second and third places respectively.

One of the reasons Vienna is hailed as such a great place to live is its favorable renting conditions — to find out just why it’s so great to be a tenant in the Austrian capital, Insider looked around the homes of three Viennese renters and asked them all about their apartments.

From tiny price hikes to ginormous rooms, it was immediately clear why Vienna is a great place to rent.

Have a snoop around Gerda, Zahra, and Juliet’s lovely homes below.

Meet Gerda, a 24-year-old who’s lived in Vienna her whole life. She lives on her own and pays €360 ($400) a month for a 45-square-meter apartment.

Vienna born and bred, Gerda moved in straight after university and took the apartment over from her mother. Full-time student Gerda has been in the apartment for five years herself, and including bills and her cleaner, she pays around €560 ($620) a month in total.

The apartment is rented from the city of Vienna, and it only goes up by around €4 a year.

Gerda admits that the rent is “unusually cheap” because it’s an old contract, but she says there are properties with even older contracts that are even cheaper.

“The city is my landlord,” Gerda explained. “So if something breaks, or there’s a leak I call them. They have a service for that.”

And she finds it to be a very efficient system — she’s never had to wait very long to have anything fixed.

“It was very different before I moved in, but it was my mom’s apartment, so she moved in with her new partner and I moved out from home from my dad,” Gerda said.

She gradually bought entirely new furniture to make the place her own.

“If I see something I like but I can’t afford it, I try to find a cheaper version and it takes me years sometimes. Light is really important to me,” she said.

She gets her interior decor ideas from Instagram, “Vogue,” and looking around furniture shops.

There’s a beautiful bright living and dining area which feels calm and relaxing.

White walls and wooden floors provided a blank canvas for Gerda to showcase her personality.

As well as a statement wall of her photos, there’s an old-school record player that not only looks cool …read more

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