I want to regift my wedding presents – does that make me a cheapskate?

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Why can’t I pass on unwanted presents to another couple who may appreciate them more? (Picture: GETTY)

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Hi Alison, 

Last year, my husband and I were married and it was the best day of my life. I have a large family and was the first of my equally big friendship group to get married. 

Everyone was so generous, and we received so many gifts, from vouchers for meals out to hotel stays to champagne. Almost 18 months on from my big day, we’ve barely made a dent in what we received. 

Now, however, so many of my friends are following my lead in tying the knot, with several weddings in the next few months and I’m getting worried about the amount of money on present I’ll have to spend.

But I need your advice on what I think is the perfect solution, but which others have considered unacceptable – regifting! 

I’m not much of a drinker and my husband works away, so hotel stays, restaurant vouchers and alcohol aren’t much used to us. But with so many weddings upcoming and a cost-of-living crisis, I think it is an ideal chance to pass them on to happy couples while making a saving.

I’ll make sure no-one gets their own gift back, and I think it does seem more personal than money. 

However when I mentioned it to my mum and some other friends, they accused me of being a cheapskate, not caring about other people’s weddings, and said I would offend the bride and groom with my regifted presents rather than put a smile on their faces. 

I was taken aback, as I thought regifting was pretty normal and it would be a great way to ensure no presents go to waste.

Am I in the right? Or should I just bite the bullet and buy more presents?



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Dear Ruth,

Getting married really is the best day of your life. But these events can be costly too so I completely understand your concern about the number of upcoming weddings and the financial strain it might put you under.

As such, the idea of regifting is not uncommon. But it is essential to acknowledge that not everyone sees regifting the same way. 

While some may appreciate the practicality and thoughtfulness, as you have seen by your mum and friends’ reactions, others may …read more

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