I tried the $249 BlanQuil Chill, a cooling weighted blanket — it’s worth the price for hot sleepers like me

Blanquill chill

I need the weight of blankets to fall asleep, but I often wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. The BlanQuil Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket has allowed me to strike a balance and sleep comfortably.
The BlanQuil Chill ($249) uses eco-friendly glass micro-beads for weight and cutting-edge cooling fabric that absorbs body heat.
At $249, the price may seem steep, but it solves such a unique problem that I found it to be worth it.

I love sleep. But sleep doesn’t always come easily for me. I sleep hot, and I often wake up sweaty and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Other people may just throw the blankets off to get some relief from the heat, but it’s not so simple for me. I can’t sleep at all without piles and piles of blankets. The weight and warmth helps me settle in, so I started looking into weighted blankets to see if I could mimic that feeling without all the bulk. My editor gave me the chance to try this cool-to-the-touch weighted blanket from BlanQuil, and now I can’t sleep without it.

Weighted blankets have garnered a reputation as an invaluable sleep aid for those who struggle with insomnia. Many with sensory processing disorders, ADHD, and autism also swear by weighted blankets as a tool to feel grounded, safe, and comfortable as they fall asleep.

As someone who has anxiety, my mind will often race at night, and I’ll end up tossing and turning for ages and having lots of restless nights. So even in the dead of summer, I’ve got sheets, blankets, and quilts galore, and I wrap myself up like a burrito. The combination of these two factors make getting a good night’s sleep difficult in the warmer months, but the weighted BlanQuil Chill has been a godsend, allowing me to fall asleep quicker and stay cooler throughout the night.

Weighted blankets are often filled with plastic pellets, chains, or another heavy material — BlanQuil uses eco-friendly glass micro-beads. The calming cocoon effect they create is thanks to something called deep pressure stimulation. It essentially feels like a full-body hug, and causes the brain to release of serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that help us feel relaxed, calm, and happy. Some research suggests deep pressure touch can also activate the brain’s limbic system, which helps us process emotions and fear. Basically, there’s a ton of science that says feeling like you’re being given a gentle hug is really good for you.

The BlanQuil Chill combines BlanQuil’s outstanding reputation for weighted blankets with a cooling cover that wicks away sweat and moisture and absorbs body heat. How the cooling fabric works remains a bit of a mystery to me, but there’s no doubt it feels surprisingly cool to the touch. My partner sleeps with one leg outside of the covers, and she appreciates how …read more

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