I stayed at Ibiza’s most iconic hotel — this is what it’s really like

Claie drinking a Paloma on the sunbed

Even if you’ve never heard of Pikes by name – you certainly know about it (Picture: James Christiansen)

‘Does it make it more magical? If it does, let’s do it…’ 

It’s a bit of a no-brainer that magic and holidays go hand in hand, but for one boutique hotel in the San Antonio hills in Ibiza, it’s key management decision-making. And, according to current owner, Andy McKay, ‘way more important than any bottom line’.

It’s this ethos that has helped maintain Pikes Hotel’s legendary status as the must-visit place to dance and drink or eat and stay on the White Isle.

With a heady mix of A-list guests that span decades and include Grace Jones, Kylie, Liam Gallagher and Freddie Mercury, the 26-room villa-esque hotel has become as famous for its Sunday roast and A-list DJ sets as its juicy history. 

Even if you’ve never heard of Pikes by name – you certainly know about it. 

Fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone

The hotel first propelled onto our screens back in 1983 after it was used as the location for Wham’s iconic Club Tropicana video (and again in 2022 for Lewis Capaldi’s almost identical Forget Me vid).

Meanwhile, Freddie Mercury – a regular at the hotel – held his infamous 41st birthday party at Pikes, where little people walked around with trays of cocaine and guests managed to guzzle 350 bottles of champagne.

George Michael and Freddie Mercury helped give Pikes it’s legendary status (Picture: Pikes)

Since then, although such levels of debauchery have definitely been toned down, Pikes has managed to hold onto its hedonistic reputation.

How it started

Before Andy took on the 15th century finca in 2011, Pikes belonged to Hertfordshire born yachtsman Tony Pike, who arrived on Balaeric shores in 1978. With his partner Lyn, he bought the rundown mansion and turned it into a small countryside hotel, where he could entertain friends and guests.

The finca when Tony bough it (Picture: Pikes)

Doing the rennos with Lyn (Picture: Pikes)

‘Tony was a genius,’ Andy, who ran Ibiza’s infamous Manumission club nights in the 90s and 00s, tells Metro. ‘He invented the first ever boutique hotel, before it was even a thing.’

As word spread – and a certain video was made – rock royalty began to stay, and for almost two decades Pikes became the place to party. However, when money eventually ran dry in 1998, Tony was forced to put the hotel up for sale. 

It took 13 years for current owner Andy to come into the picture. Already a staple on Ibiza’s club scene thanks to the success of his Ibiza Rocks Group, he already owned an infamous hotel – Ibiza Rocks – which he’d created to be ‘the best accommodation a 21-year-old coming to the island for the first time would want to stay in’.  

As part of the hotel’s allure, Andy put on live events featuring the hottest bands at the time, such as Arctic Monkeys, The Kaiser Chiefs and Kasabian – but he needed somewhere to put them up. 

The end result back …read more

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