I slept in an Audi RS 6 Avant wagon on a 14-degree night to prove that you don’t need an SUV for ‘utility’

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“Remind me why we are doing this again?” my boyfriend, the real hero of this story, asks.

“Because blogs!” I scream while pulling on a pair of thick, wool socks. “We’re doing it for the blogs! We live and die by the blogs!”

It’s just past 11 p.m., but instead of tucking into a bed with a nice feather mattress and a down comforter, we are suiting up. Suiting up in long underwear, synthetic thermal layers, wool caps, and sweaters.

There is a red 2021 Audi RS 6 Avant station wagon parked in the driveway — a light dusting of snow already accumulating on top of it — just waiting to be camped out in. Ordinarily, my job involves cars when they are moving. But tonight? The stationary station wagon suits my needs just fine.

See, I’m out to prove a point, and that point is that wagons are just as utilitarian as big SUVs. North American buyers can’t seem to get enough to the sport-utility-thingies. Automakers have gladly encouraged the behavior by offering more and more SUVs of all shapes and sizes while phasing out smaller cars. 

Wagons reached peak popularity in the US in 1976, accounting for 10% of all vehicles sold here, according to Investopedia. Sales declined after that — in part due to the oil crisis but also because the minivan was introduced, as reported by this lovely piece in The Atlantic. Eventually, the minivan gave way to the SUV and the rest is history.

I’ve never felt the desire to camp out in an SUV, unless you count that one time in the Kia Telluride — though I’d argue that stunt was performed on an SUV rather than in an SUV. We all know SUVs are big and roomy, so spending the night in one proves exactly nothing. Roominess is their whole selling point. Sleeping in one would be like saying I slept in a house. Anyone and their mother could do it. Big deal.

But this wagon? This wrongfully unloved and underappreciated body style? Hell yeah I’ll sleep in that! 

11:19 p.m.

When opting to sleep in a car for fun — or blogs — in the middle of winter, the first and most important thing to do is position it right up against the front door of the house. This decision is rooted purely in practical reasons. You can have that bit of advice for free.

First, it’s snowing. You want to be as close to the indoor bathroom as possible. Second, if you park close enough to the house, you can still pick up the WiFi. And third, if a bear comes in the night, there’s a fast and easy escape route. (There were no bears; they were all hibernating.) (I’m just dramatic.)

The rear seats collapse easily enough. Look at all that room! It’s like a New York City studio apartment in there!

11:32 p.m.

Now, we could have just thrown some blankets down and called it a night. But I’m not an animal and I do expect some kind of cushioning whenever I rest my …read more

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