I left New York for a 4-night trip to Savannah, Georgia — here’s what it was like dining indoors, going on booze tours, and singing karaoke without wearing masks

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I went on my first date with my now-boyfriend in March 2020. Two weeks later, COVID-19 took over, our home of New York became the epicenter, and we restricted our dates to Friday night dinners at home. Thanks to our recent vaccinations, we’re slowly taking our relationship out into the “real world.” 

One month ago, in celebration of our collective birthdays and Moderna jabs, we took a trip to Savannah, Georgia for four nights. We packed our masks, hand sanitizer, vaccine cards, and a healthy mix of anxiety and excitement for the trip. Here’s what it was like to travel after living in lockdown. 

I initially felt conflicted about traveling out of state.

We’ve both taken the virus seriously by wearing masks, keeping our pod small, and respecting the quarantine rules. 

As star students of Dr. Fauci, our decision to take a flight was thought over carefully. Even with antibodies, the idea of cramming onto a plane with strangers felt wild. Sure, everyone would be mandated to wear a mask, but they’d also be sipping, snacking, and readjusting throughout the flight. 

Ultimately, we decided the risk was low as long as we took the proper precautions. We knew we wanted to keep the flight short, so Savannah became our choice location, with only two hours from takeoff to touchdown.

Since this was our first trip in a long time, we decided to stay at the TWA Hotel the night before our flight.

The hotel is a fun 1960s throwback with a sunken lounge and a heated rooftop pool. Our room was located near a runway so we were able to watch the planes come and go silently — the glass is very thick —  before our trip. 

The next morning, we left our room and took a quick AirTrain right to our terminal. 

It was overwhelming to go to the airport and get on a plane again after so long.

As soon as we walked into JFK Airport, I was paralyzed by the bright lights, crowds of people, and logistics of getting to our flight. As a person who’s often anxious, it was a true test of my coping skills. 

I felt especially nervous as we stepped into a terminal elevator only to have a cluster of people follow us in. Normally, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I take deep, calming breaths, but in this case, it felt unfortunately necessary to hold my breath. 

After an ID mishap (TSA PSA: Do not travel with a chipped license), we booked it to our gate and eventually landed in our seats at the back of the small plane, right outside of the bathroom. I remember thinking it was wild to sit so close to a stranger that I could see even the faintest freckles on their arms. Thankfully, I locked into an exceptional book and was able to feel a rush of excitement as the wheels lifted off of the runway. 

We got to Savannah in two hours and hopped into an Uber to our Airbnb.

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