I fled Afghanistan 18 months ago with my brother and sister – we haven’t seen our parents since

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Girl, 9, not letting terminal diagnosis hold her back from making ‘dreams come true’

In the future, I’d like to study and work with computers. If my parents come to the UK, I can go to college, get a full-time job and have opportunities like other young people.

This Mother’s Day, I hope for every family and every mum to be near to her children.

I hope that by this same time next year, I can be reunited with my family.

The Refugee Council is campaigning to reunite separated refugee families, as part of The Families Together Coalition – you can find out more on their website here.

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I will never forget the last day I saw my mother and father.

It was August 2021 and the Taliban were taking over in Afghanistan. We were at Kabul airport trying to get on a flight out of the country. The army was using tear gas, there was shooting, and they were spraying water on people. We couldn’t see each other – it was terrifying. 

I was holding tight onto my younger sister and brother, but in the chaos, we became separated from our parents. I was 18 years old, my brother was 16, and my sister was eight. I haven’t seen my mother or father since, which was over a year and a half ago.

So I want to say – if your mum is near to you, please go and celebrate with her today on Mother’s Day.

Now, I can only message her but I can’t celebrate in person. I’m waiting for the day when I can be with her again.

Before the Taliban takeover, my family and I lived in the centre of Kabul. I had just finished my own studies and I was teaching children.

After our Government collapsed, we saw white Taliban flags outside some of the windows in our area and we knew that they supported the militant group. This was a scary moment – realising our neighbourhood had these members.

We believed that they had already identified me as a school teacher and had seen me going to work. The Taliban think women should stay at home and not work or study, so I was frightened about what would happen to me.

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