Hulk Hogan ‘very sorry’ after team member claims she was fired for being Black

A picture of WWE Hall of famer Hulk Hogan gesturing to the audience during his 2009 Hulkamania Tour in Australia

Hulk Hogan is ‘very sorry’ about the situation, but his manager denies allegations of racism (Picture: Paul Kane/Getty Images)

Hulk Hogan has apologised for a ‘misunderstanding’ after an influencer working on a campaign for his new beer brand claimed they were sacked for being Black.

The WWE Hall of Famer, who was fired from the wrestling giant in 2015 after a recording of him using the N-word was leaked during a leaked sex tape lawsuit he filed against Gawker magazine, has responded after Essence Jenai accused him of dismissing her as a brand ambassador because of her race.

Asked about the allegations, Hogan’s manager Richard Paraiso told ‘Is my client racist? The answer is No.

‘As a black man, who can confirm better than me that Hulk Hogan is not racist? More than that, he respects the African-American community, you can trust me.

‘There must have been a misunderstanding with Essence Jenai, and Hulk is very sorry about that.’

The statement comes after Essence accused Hogan, 70, of discrimination in a video shared on TikTok, which showed her working as a brand ambassador for his new Real American Beer.

The retired wrestler has launched his own beer (Picture: JLN Photography/REX/Shutterstock)

Influencer Essence Jenai has accused Hogan of cancelling her contract after realising she was Black (Picture: TikTok/@essencejenai)

She claimed she was hired on a week-long contract to help promote the beverage, which included appearances at parties and other promotional events.

However, the influencer alleged that after just one day, she was fired after her first meeting with Hogan, as she implied she was hired through a booking agency.

‘@Hulk Hogan thanks for making it clear that you don’t work with BLACK brand ambassadors,’ she wrote alongside a video which featured the caption: ‘POV: Hulk Hogan paid you to be a brand ambassador and canceled your contract the next day because he realized you were a BLACK brand ambassador.’

In a second video, Essence shared screenshots of a text exchange allegedly showing her being told she was being let go as the events had been cancelled.

She claimed she was told the events has been cancelled, only to go ahead without Black women (Picture: TikTok/@essencejenai)

‘Essence. You didn’t do anything wrong at all in fact, I’m sure you did great,’ one message read. ‘But this client wants us to cancel the rest of the events this week. I’m really sorry!’

The influencer asked if they were ‘only taking her off of the events’, and was told: ‘All the rest of the events are canceled completely. (sic)’

She claimed that after checking social media, she discovered the promotional events had continued without her and another Black woman, with three non-Black women carrying on the work.

Hogan was reinstated by WWE in 2018 after apologising for his comments leaked in the 2015 trial, and last year he described the scandal as a ‘speed bump’.

Hogan is one of the most recognisable names in wrestling history (Picture: George Pimentel/WireImage)

Hogan hasn’t wrestled since 2012, and his most recent live WWE appearance came in January 2023 …read more

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