How to pair any Beats headphones or earbuds with your phone or computer

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If you’ve just bought a new pair of Beats headphones, you’re going to want to start listening right away. Unfortunately, new headphones means going through the pairing process again.

Luckily, pairing Beats is a breeze. They’re just like any other Bluetooth headphones, so you can pair them like any other device. Beats can pair with your smartphone or computer easily.

Just make sure that you’re near the device you want to pair them to, and that Bluetooth is enabled on that specific device.

How to pair Beats headphones with a computer or mobile device

1. Turn on your Beats headphones. If this is the first time they’ve ever been turned on, they should be in pairing mode automatically. If not, you’ll need to activate pairing mode.

Solo Pros: Press and hold the “mode” button on the left earcup. This is also the button you’ll use to turn noise cancelling on and off.

Studio3 and Solo3 Wireless: Press and hold the power button for five seconds until the five lights underneath flash.

Beats Flex: Press and hold the power button until the indicator light flashes.

Powerbeats: Press and hold the button on the left earbud until the indicator light flashes.

Powerbeats Pro: Place the earbuds in their case and leave the case open, and then press and hold the button inside the case until the light outside blinks. 

2. Hold your Beats headphones near your device, making sure your device is unlocked. 

3. Head to your device’s Bluetooth menu. On an iPhone or Android device, this will be in your Settings app. On a PC or Mac, you can find it by searching for it.

You can search for this on a PC by clicking the Start icon in the bottom-left and searching for “Bluetooth,” then selecting “Bluetooth and other devices settings” when it appears. 

On a Mac, click the magnifying glass icon in the top-right and search for “Bluetooth,” then select the “Bluetooth” option when it appears. It’ll be listed under “System Preferences.”

4. Your phone or computer will search for any nearby devices that are ready to pair. When your Beats appear, click or tap on them to start connecting. If you’re asked for a passcode, enter “0000.”

If you’re using a new iPhone, there’s also a chance that your iPhone will detect the Beats as soon as they turn on, and ask if you’d like to connect.

How to disconnect and reconnect your Beats headphones

To disconnect, you can just simply turn off your Beats headphones or turn off Bluetooth on your device. Putting your Beats into pairing mode will also temporarily disconnect them.

To permanently disconnect your Beats from a device, you’ll need to make your phone or computer forget them. Head back to the phone or computer’s Bluetooth menu.

On a PC, click your Beats’ name and then select “Remove Device.”

On a Mac, right-click your Beats and select “Remove.” You can also tap the “X” icon to the right of its name.

On an iPhone, tap the “i” icon next to your Beats’ name, and then select “Forget This Device.”

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