How to lace up your sneakers 3 different ways for unique looks — a step-by-step guide

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Sneakers are integral to casual style, but whether you realize it or not, how you lace your sneakers can hurt or enhance the overall look of your outfit.
By paying close attention to how they’re laced, you can add a unique flair to your personal style or simply make your sneakers look sleeker. For a shoe like the super popular Comme Des Garçons PLAY x Converse Chuck 70s, unique lacing helps them stand out from the rest.
Below, I’ve outlined how to lace your sneakers in different patterns including classic over or under, loop-back, and straight.

I own an insane amount of sneakers (I’ve seriously lost count) with pairs ranging from vintage Air Jordans from the ’90s to the latest releases from startups and big brand names. Even though I have such a wide spectrum of styles, one thing that I can say about each and every pair that I’ve worn — and I try to wear all of my sneakers — is that I always re-lace them before putting them on for the first time.

Maybe it’s just my extremely close attention to detail, but I find that redoing the laces is a quick and easy way to improve the aesthetic of the sneakers or to add a unique flair to one’s style.

While most sneakers come out of the box laced up and ready to wear, you’ll regularly find laces that are uneven, twisted, in the wrong pattern, or simply pulled way too tight. You have to consider that the factory worker who laced up your sneakers is tasked with lacing hundreds of shoes in a row, so some degree of sloppiness is bound to happen.

There are an endless amount of ways to lace your shoes, but I’ll walk you through a few of my favorite patterns that anyone should be able to do with ease.

Here’s everything you’ll need:
A cool pair of sneakers, of course. Check out our buying guides for the best stylish sneakers and best white sneakers to find a pair. Each pair of shoes I used below can be found between these two guides.
Extra laces are optional but a great way to add personality to your sneakers. Shop all shoelaces on Amazon or buy this 20-count variety pack for $9.99.
Keep scrolling to learn a few different ways to lace your sneakers.First, make sure both ends of the lace are even

The first step to lacing your sneakers neatly is to make sure the lace tips are even. Put each lace tip in the first set of eyelets from the top and pull the lace tight, while making sure it stays even.

This is super important regardless of what lace style you choose because unevenness will become more noticeable when you reach to final eyelets. If they’re too uneven, you won’t be able to tie your shoes.

Note: The shoe pictured above is the Nike Air Force 1 Low with removable Swooshes. The removable …read more

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