How to get a job at Netflix in 2021, from getting noticed by a recruiter to nailing the interview (NFLX)


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While some entertainment firms floundered amid the coronavirus pandemic and resorted to mass layoffs and furloughs, Netflix posted record subscriber growth and continued hiring across parts of its business.

The streaming company currently has around 277 job listings up on its careers site. They include roles at Netflix’s hubs in Los Gatos and Los Angeles, California, as well as its offices in South Korea, Spain, and other parts of the world. Netflix also has a selection of remote roles, primarily on its core engineering team.

Business Insider previously spoke with former Netflix employees, and the company’s top recruiting executive, about what it takes to land a job there.

These were some of their best tips for getting noticed by Netflix recruiters, nailing the interview, and following up.

How to get an interview

One of the first big steps to getting hired at Netflix is getting on the radar of one of its in-house recruiters.

Netflix insiders recommend crafting your online persona to catch the eye of Netflix recruiters, asking Netflix employees for advice on what skillsets to build for the job you want and for referrals, and attending events hosted or attended by Netflix when possible.

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The single best thing candidates can do to prepare for a job interview at Netflix is read the company’s culture memo, which made waves in tech and recruiting circles when it was first released publicly more than 10 years ago. 

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Employee referrals can also help prospective candidates land a phone interview with the streaming-video company. Netflix doesn’t offer employees bonuses or other perks for referrals, so prospective candidates will have to prove they’re worth it by doing their homework before asking for a recommendation.

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Netflix prides itself on hiring “stunning” employees who are at the top in their fields. So there are usually few opportunities for people fresh out of college or those who have little work experience. Entry-level candidates should focus on internships, assistant, and coordinator positions.

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No matter the job you’re applying for, do your homework. Research the company’s latest focus, content slate, and the specific team you’re applying for. 

“Get to know the business,” Valarie Toda, Netflix’s vice president of talent acquisition, said. “Have a good sense of what content we’re working on. There’s lots of articles out there about what we’re trying to …read more

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