How to celebrate the Autumn Equinox – from all-things apple to creating your own Mabon altar

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Mabon is coming – here’s how to mark it (Picture: Getty Images)

Ready for the autumn equinox, AKA Mabon?

Don’t panic if your first reaction is something along the lines of ‘the autumn what?’.

We’re here to help with your need-to-know guide to all things equinox, from what and when it actually is to how to best celebrate it.

You don’t need to get fully into paganism to mark the occasion, by the way.

Think of this as a time to reflect, refresh, and make the most of that ‘new school year’ feeling.

What is the Autumn Equinox?

The autumn equinox, also called Mabon, is a pagan celebration, originating from the Celts (think: Asterix), who once populated Britain and much of North West Europe before the march of the Romans.

The Autumn Equinox is also known as Mabon (Picture: Getty Images)

This tree-loving druid-led tribe celebrated nature and the progression of the seasons by dividing the year into eight segments, at key turning points, creating eight festivals.

The eight included the two solstices (midwinter and midsummer, when the days are either the shortest or the longest), the two equinoxes (spring and autumn, or Mabon, when days and nights are equal in length), and the four ‘cross-quarters’ falling at seasonal peaks (Imbolc, Beltain, Lammas and Samhain).

Celts and pagans used the autumn equinox to give thanksgiving to nature/Mother Earth for giving a good harvest, and to pray to their gods and goddesses that the crop would last throughout the winter. There’d be feasting, fires, offerings and sacrifices.

Nowadays, it’s a time to get cosy (say hello to pumpkin spice lattes, s’mores, giant cardigans and not going out out), focus on the home and give thanks for your security in life, and to share the riches with those who are less fortunate.

Mabon celebrations are very different these days (Picture: Getty Images)

When is the Autumn Equinox?

This year, in 2022, the Autumn Equinox occurs on Friday, September 23.

How to celebrate the Autumn Equinox

At its core, the energy of this festival is all about gratitude and thanks for what has been reaped thus far in the year, with an eye to the hardships of winter, and a recognition of a mental and physical adjustment needed for the darker, longer nights and harder conditions ahead.

So, how might you like to celebrate?

All things apples

Apple is the flavour of autumn (Picture: Getty Images)

Apples are a very common symbol of this festival, so bring them into your home as fresh fruit, juice, delicious warm pies and bakes, room fragrances, candles, and toiletries.

Apple up!

Create a Mabon altar

It’s easy to make your own Mabon altar from home (Picture: Getty Images)

Any baby pagan or witch knows that making yourself an altar is 101 magick.

You can make your altar on your kitchen table, windowsill, dresser, fireplace – wherever.

Adding harvest fruits and vegetables to your altar is a …read more

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