How to be a YouTube Star ft. The Try Guys

The Try Guys have millions of followers on their YouTube Channel.
Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang have built an internet empire on the basis that they are willing to try anything.
They tell us how to be a YouTube Star by establishing a personality and getting comfortable with vulnerability.
Then The Try Guys try the Spider Catcher and The Fruit Peeler.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Hey, I’m Zach.

I’m Keith.

I’m Ned.

And I’m Eugene.

[Zach] And we are The Try Guys.

[Eugene] And we are The Try Guys.

[Ned] And we’re gonna tell you how to become a YouTube star. Here we go! Woo!

[Narrator] Here’s how to be a YouTube star, featuring The Try Guys.

[Keith] Could you turn Ned down?

[Zach] Yeah.

[Keith] Is that something you can do?

[Narrator] The Try Guys are huge YouTube stars. They have a massive fan base, and millions of people watch the four personalities, well, try anything. First, they’ll tell us why their online formula works.

[Keith] Why do people like to watch other people try?

[Ned] I think you get to feel what we feel even though you are not trying, you’re watching.

[Zach] The core idea of trying things, which is where we started from, is just this idea of exploring things that are familiar to other people’s passions and identities. So I think on that base level there’s an excitement, if we are trying something that you are familiar with, we’re either going to learn something that you care about or experience a struggle that you know that you haven’t been able to communicate to the world at large. But then I think there’s also just a general interest and excitement of four guys who are willing to go into things with an open mind and see what the world has to offer.

[Narrator] So what’s a YouTube personality anyways?

[Ned] I literally have no idea.

[Keith] There are many types of YouTube personalities. But probably the best are the ones that talk straight to camera, talk about their life, have a huge social meltdown, and then apologize for it.

[Ned] Yeah.

[Keith] That’s a really big thing.

[Eugene] That’s correct.

Ned: This may be the hardest video I ever have to make. I’m just… I’m so sorry.

[Keith] We found out that our merch that we released causes people to projectile vomit.

[Ned] Excuse me while I sip some…

[Zach] Oh he’s sipping some…

[Keith] He’s sipping tea.

[Ned] Sipping tea! There it is.

[Zach] OK, there are a couple YouTube archetypes, right? You’ve got the cutie, who’s just, like, innocent, bubbly, fun. “Hey guys! What’s going on?” You’ve got the prankster, you know, the old jokester. The guy that just likes to mess with his friends. There are the gurus, people that you turn to for advice, the ones who feel like they got it figured all out, Keith.

[Keith] Then you have hot twins.

[Zach] Hot twins.

[Keith] We only have a half of our… Your twin couldn’t make it.

[Ned] Oh, what if you had a twin? You’d be …read more

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