How the NBA used tools from Qualtrics — which is gearing up to spin out of SAP — to make sure that teams in its pandemic bubble felt ‘heard and taken care of’

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NBA games were put on hold when the coronavirus first started spreading through the US in March and remained paused until July, when the league launched a plan to allow the action to start back up. 

To allow teams to keep competing, the NBA created a “bubble”: An isolation zone at Walt Disney World where players would live, getting regularly tested without venturing into the outside world.  To make sure that players and staff were staying safe and having an enjoyable experience on the campus, the NBA built an app using Qualtrics in the span of about two weeks. 

Every player and coach in the bubble has access to this app, which uses Qualtrics survey software to collect their input on a range of matters, including how their day is going, what their needs are, feedback on the testing or food delivery process, and more. 

“There’s incredible foresight from the NBA to gather this data about how people are feeling, especially with the mental health crisis going on,” Qualtrics cofounder and CEO Ryan Smith told Business Insider.

Qualtrics has worked with the NBA since 2016, making it a natural pick when the league needed to put the app together. 

Within the company, Qualtrics too has been using its own software to check if employees are feeling satisfied and productive while working from home. Several states have also been using the software to help with coronavirus testing. 

The collaboration takes place as Qualtrics gears up spin out of SAP to hit the public markets, less than two years after SAP acquired it for $8 billion. It’s not its first ambition for an IPO: Qualtrics was days from going public in 2018 when SAP suddenly announced it would buy the company. 

How the NBA app works for people in the ‘bubble’

The NBA partnered with Qualtrics because it needed a “scalable way” to analyze how players, teams, referees, network and media partners, and staff were doing during the coronavirus pandemic, says Kelly Flatow, executive vice president of event management at the NBA.

Users get a push notification through the app about twice a week so they can share how they’re doing, why, and give feedback on how the NBA can make their experience better. Based on this data, the NBA can quickly fix issues that arise, whether it’s with meals, testing processes, or recreational opportunities. 

“The NBA had the sense to institute a listening platform that allows them to have a system of action,” head of global insights at Qualtrics, Michael Maughan, told Business Insider.  “It helps everyone in the bubble feel heard and taken care of.”

With Qualtrics, the NBA can get an aggregate view about any issues that have arisen, easily spin up data visualizations, and receive recommendations on what to do based on user feedback.

“Their trends analysis allowed us to visualize how the campus changed week-to-week as people became more comfortable with the campus environment and amenities offered,” Flatow told Business Insider.

So far, the NBA has used responses collected from this app to negotiate …read more

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